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USA, shootings, access to weapons. Joe Biden in his address: The right to own a gun is not unlimited, time to regulate rationally

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US President Joe Biden on Thursday said in a speech that the right to own a gun is not unlimited, so rational, common-sense regulations are necessary. The American leader proposed, among other things, an increase in the legal age for gun ownership and a ban on multi-round magazines.

“There are too many schools, too many other places that are becoming killing fields, battlefields here in America,” Biden said to the White House, recalling the recent school massacre in Uvalde, Texas and urging that this tragedy prompted politicians to introduce “common sense.” and rational restrictions on the right to own a gun.

“After Columbine, after Sandy Hook, after Charleston, after Orlando, after Las Vegas, after Parkland, nothing has been done. This time it can’t be the same. The problem we are facing is a problem of conscience and common sense, he said.

US President Joe BidenYURI GRIPAS / PAP / EPA

The US president argued that he is not against the possession of firearms and respects the culture associated with it, but added, citing the conservative icon, judge Antonin Scalia, that “this right is not unlimited”.

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Biden wants to limit access to weapons

Joe Biden called on Congress to enact a series of regulations, including increasing the age for possession of firearms to 21, federal law allowing the removal of weapons from suspects (the so-called red flag law), or a ban on the sale of assault rifles and multi-round magazines.

Biden mentioned that while in the past restrictions on the possession of such weapons were in force, the number of shootings decreased and when the law expired in 2004, it tripled.

A gun shop in the USAEline van Nes / Hollandse Hoogte / East News

Over the past two decades, more school children have died from firearms than policemen on duty and soldiers combined. For God’s sake, how many slaughters are we still willing to accept, and how many innocent Americans must die until we say “enough,” the president asked rhetorically. He mentioned that since the Uvalde school massacre, there have been 20 other shootings in which – in each case – more than four people have been injured.

Republicans do not want to limit access to weapons

Biden admitted that although a group of politicians from both parties are discussing new regulations, introducing reforms will be difficult due to the uncompromising position of most republicans. He noted that at least 10 of the 50 Republican senators must agree to the regulation.

– The fact that the majority of Republicans in the Senate do not want any of these proposals to even be debated or voted on. I consider it inexplicable – said the president declaring that he would not give up on this issue.

“If Congress fails, I believe the Americans will not give up either, and that most of you will turn your outrage into a determination to make this issue central to your vote in the elections,” Biden said.

Main photo source: YURI GRIPAS / PAP / EPA

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