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USA. Space Force General David Thompson: Russia and China attack US orbiting satellites every day

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General David Thompson, the deputy head of space operations at the Space Force, complains that US orbiting satellites are under daily attacks from China and Russia. The general admitted in an interview with the Washington Post that China has already overtaken Russia in the space race and is making very rapid progress.

As General David Thompson, the Space Force’s deputy head of space operations said in an interview with the Washington Post, US government satellites face “reversible” and “non-kinetic” attacks by China and Russia on a daily basis, for example by lasers, cyber attacks and signal jammers.


– The threats are really growing and expanding every day. This is an evolution of activities that have been going on for a long time, said the military. “We are at a point where there are a number of ways in which our space systems can be endangered,” he added.

The deputy head of space operations of the Space Force complains that American satellites in orbit are the target of daily attacks from China and Russia Reuters

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The general refused to unequivocally answer the question whether there were also irreversible attacks on satellites. He added, however, that in 2019 the Russians sent their machine “dangerously close” to the US spy satellite, after which the vehicle changed course and conducted an anti-satellite weapon test, ejecting the target and firing a missile at it.

Deputy head of the Space Force: China chased Russia

However, Thompson estimated that in terms of space capabilities, China has long overtaken Russia and is developing it at a pace that will also leapfrog the US in a few years. Beijing is now sending twice as many satellites into orbit as America, he added.

– We are still the best in the world in terms of ability. But they are catching up quickly. If we do not adapt our approach, we should be concerned by the end of the decade, ‘he said.

The Washington Post notes that representatives of the US administration have asked the Chinese authorities to start talks on nuclear arms control and arms in space, but according to the US side China is not interested in this. In turn, China and Russia argue that the US is the biggest obstacle to regulating space rivalry.

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