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USA. Storm from the window of the plane. See the video

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A passenger flying from Orlando to St. Louis managed to capture the storm raging outside the window on the recording. The view of the dark sky, which is lit up by lightning every now and then, is breathtaking.

Michael Robertson, who was flying from Orlando to St. Louis, had the opportunity to see through the window of the plane raging over the city of Pensacola, Florida storms. There was no turbulence on board, he said. Atmospheric discharges appeared on Thursday, June 15. That day, the U.S. National Weather Service issued severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings for the region.

Severe storms have been passing through the United States recently. In the south of the country, residents were hit by tornadoes and hail, but it was also dangerous in northern regions, including New Jersey. A city worker was struck by lightning in Woodbridge on Wednesday.

Storm from the window of the plane2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved

How does a storm form?

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Thunderstorms form when warm, moist air rises and collides with a mass of cold, dry air. The warm air is pushed up towards the cold air, which cools it and produces water vapor, which in turn turns into water droplets. This is a condensation phenomenon that is accompanied by high energy.

The cooled air descends, heats up again in the lower atmosphere and rises again. This arrangement of rising and falling air masses is called convection. As a result, convective clouds are formed, including cumulus and cumulus-rain clouds. The latter – cumulonimbuses – can cause violent weather phenomena: strong wind, downpours, hail and storms.

A thunderstorm is a weather phenomenon accompanied by lightning and thunder. Heavy rain, hail and strong winds are also common during thunderstorms.

Storm cloudsPAP

How thunderstorms formPAP/Maria Samczuk, Adam Ziemienowicz

Main photo source: 2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved

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