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USA. Storm on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Passengers fled in panic. Recording

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There was a violent storm just before the start of a cruise on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. A video circulated on social media showing passengers desperately trying to save themselves from the strong wind and the objects carried by it.

The cruise ship “Independence of the Seas” was scheduled to leave on June 16 at around 10:00. 16:00 from Port Canaveral, Florida towards the Bahamas. At one point, just before the start of the journey, a violent storm broke out with rain and strong winds. Frightened passengers in a panic began to seek shelter on a 15-deck cruise ship. The recording of the event was posted on social media a few days ago, and was published by the American media on Monday.

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Storm on a luxury cruise ship. The panicked passengers fled

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The video shows how a strong wind lifts furniture on the deck, and at one point one of the chairs hits a stroller driven by a running woman holding a child in her arms. The wind also picked up other objects, including umbrellas, and carried them over long distances. Panicked passengers took cover from the storm, and some fell over on the slippery floor. According to the meteorologist of the local station Fox 35, the wind at the peak of the storm was blowing at a speed of 88-96 km per hour.

Lucas Sparrow, a passenger on the ship who posted the video on social media, said the captain had not commented on the incident. “No announcement before or after, no mention of what happened. Let’s just pretend nothing happened I guess,” he wrote on TikTok. Speaking to Fox 35, he stated that the crew failed to warn passengers of the approaching storm. He admitted that a severe weather warning was not issued until later in the tour, and he saw staff strapping down chairs and posting warning signs. “A day or two later we had another storm, but this time they were more prepared,” he added, pointing out that passengers were advised to stay inside the ship the second time around.

In a statement quoted by Fox Business, Royal Caribbean, referring to the first storm, said the ship experienced “sudden high winds” while leaving port that were “of short duration and caused no serious injury” to guests or crew. The ship reached its destination safely and on schedule after a 3-day journey.

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