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USA – Taiwan. US destroyer USS Milius in the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese practiced there recently

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The US destroyer USS Milius passed through the Taiwan Strait, where the Chinese army recently held maneuvers, Reuters reported on Monday. The U.S. Navy described it as routine action in international waters. The Chinese military said it was monitoring the ship. Meanwhile, the Americans also participated in joint maneuvers with the armed forces of South Korea and Japan.

Communist authorities in Beijing recognize Taiwan for part of the territory China. The Chinese army recently conducted maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait and announced that it had practiced precision strikes and an island blockade, among other things. After the official end of the maneuvers, Chinese troops were still active in the strait, albeit on a smaller scale.

The USS Milius guided missile destroyer has conducted a “routine transit through the Taiwan Strait” where “freedom of navigation and overflight is exercised in accordance with international law,” the US 7th Fleet said, underlining its commitment to USA for a free and open Indo-Pacific.

USS Milius (DDG 69)U.S. Navy/Rosalie Garcia

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The Eastern Theater Command of China’s People’s Liberation Army announced on social media on Monday that it had been monitoring a US ship passing through the strait. Command spokesman Shi Yi said the troops were “always on high alert” and would firmly defend the country’s sovereignty.

American ships pass through the Taiwan Strait regularly, about once a month. They also conduct similar operations to protect freedom of navigation in the disputed South China Sea. Last week, the USS Milius approached one of the most important artificial islands built and controlled by China in this sea, the Mischief Reefs.

Only the Taiwan Strait separates Taiwan from China

maneuvers in the face of the North Korean threat

The U.S. military also participated in naval air defense exercises with South Korea and Japan. The South Korean Navy said the maneuvers were aimed at improving cooperation in the face of a missile threat from North Korea.

Three destroyers equipped with the Aegis missile defense system participated in the exercise, one from each participating nation. Procedures for detecting and tracking a computer-simulated ballistic missile and sharing data were practiced.

“This is an opportunity to strengthen trilateral military cooperation against North Korea’s escalating nuclear and missile threats,” South Korean naval official Kim Ki Jong said in a statement.

Exercises involving American, Japanese and South Korean troopsPAP/EPA/SOUTH KOREAN NAVY/YONHAP SOUTH KOREA

Also on Monday, the South Korean and US air forces begin a 12-day joint exercise.

South KoreaThe US and Japan recently agreed in Washington to conduct joint air defense and anti-submarine exercises on a regular basis.

North Korea conducted a record number of missile tests last year and continues to do so this year. Last week, Pyongyang announced the launch of a new type of solid-propellant ballistic missile with intercontinental range.

Main photo source: U.S. Navy/Rosalie Garcia

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