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USA. Teenager shot because he knocked on the wrong door. Andrew Lester turned himself in to the police

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Wanted Andrew Lester, an 84-year-old Kansas City resident, has turned himself in to police, local authorities said. A man reported himself to the police station after shooting twice on April 13 a teenager who knocked on his door by mistake. Lester was then detained, but after a few hours he was released and the man disappeared.

Andrew Lester turned himself in to police on Tuesday, shortly after a press conference at which the local prosecutor’s office admitted that he was at large and his whereabouts were unknown. “I have no information regarding his whereabouts,” County Attorney Clay Zachary Thompson said. He added that “law enforcement authorities are aware of the situation and are taking all appropriate action.”

After reporting to the police, the man was released a few hours later on bail of 200,000. dollars, a spokesman for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said. The 84-year-old cannot own a weapon of any kind and cannot have direct or indirect contact with 16-year-old Ralph Yarl, whom he shot, or his family.

Andrew Lester Kansas City Police Department

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Andrew Lester was charged with two offences: aggravated assault in the first degree and aggravated assault. This means that if Lester is convicted, he faces life in prison. The accused is due to appear in court for the first time on Wednesday.

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Lester fired two shots

Andrew Lester shot 16-year-old Ralph Yarl twice after the latter knocked on the door of his house by mistake on April 13. Prosecutor Thomspon said on Monday it was unclear whether the 16-year-old knocked on the door or rang the bell, but “did not cross the threshold” of the 84-year-old’s house. According to the prosecution, the case was racially motivated. There is no indication that there was any prior exchange of words between the victim and the attacker.

Under questioning, Lester told investigators he thought someone was trying to break into his home. He claimed to be “frightened to death” by Yarl’s height and his own “inability to defend himself”. He was about to lie in bed when he heard the doorbell ring. Then he grabbed a gun, according to court documents cited by CNN.

Ralph Yarl in the hospitalENEX

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The teenager was fighting for his life

Ralph Yarl was in a stable condition when taken to hospital, but his injuries were life-threatening. The teenager has already returned home from the hospital. According to the aunt of the shot 16-year-old, Faith Spoonmore, Ralph made a mistake looking for the address where he was supposed to pick up his brothers – instead of “115th Terrace” he went to “115th Street”. Both addresses are close to each other.

The house where 16-year-old Ralph Yarl was shotENEX

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Main photo source: Kansas City Police Department

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