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USA. Teenager Willard Miller convicted. Killed teacher Nohema Graber for failing a grade

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Seventeen-year-old Willard Miller of Fairfield, Iowa, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his teacher. The teenager admitted in court that he and a friend killed her with a baseball bat for giving him a bad grade.

Investigators have determined that seventeen-year-old Willard Miller and Jeremy Goodale are responsible murder of teacher Nohema Graberwho taught them Spanish at Fairfield High School in Iowa. The teenagers pleaded guilty in court. They testified that they assaulted Graber during one of her regular walks in a local park. According to this account, they attacked the teacher with a baseball bat, resulting in her death.

A teenager killed a teacher

On Thursday, during a nearly seven-hour hearing at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Fairfield, Miller was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after 35 years. This is the highest sentence in Iowa, which abolished the death penalty in the 1960s.

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– Your horrific actions led to the death of Nohema Graber. Her family will never be able to fill that void,” Judge Shawn Showers told 17-year-old Miller. The judge added that he would consider sentencing the teenager to life imprisonment without parole if state law permitted it. As both perpetrators were only 16 years old at the time of the murder, they were not subject to such punishment, although they are tried as adults.

“I sincerely apologize for the distress I have caused you and for the havoc I have caused to your family,” Miller said in court, addressing Graber’s relatives directly. Jeremy Goodale is set to be sentenced in August, CBS News reports. Prosecutors are asking for a sentence of 25 years to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole.

Willard MillerJim Slosiarek/The Gazette/AP/East News

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The Murder of Nohema Graber

Nohema Graber, a 66-year-old Spanish teacher, was murdered in Fairfield, Iowa in November 2021. The initiator of the crime was one of her students, now 17-year-old Willard Miller, who persuaded his peer, Jeremy Goodale, to help in it.

According to CBS News, citing information received from the prosecutor’s office, the initiator of Graber’s murder was 16-year-old Willard Miller, who received a bad grade from her in Spanish, which lowered his overall grade point average. The teens were to plan the crime for the next two weeks. In April, the teenagers admitted to attacking a teacher. They hid the body of the 66-year-old in the park, covering it with a tarpaulin, a garden wheelbarrow and railway sleepers.

Nohema GraberFairfield (Iowa) Police Department via AP/EastNews

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Main photo source: Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette/AP/East News

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