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USA. Tennessee football coach charged with underage abuse. The phone left in the restaurant betrayed him

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A football coach from Franklin, Tennessee, has been arrested on charges including sexual exploitation of minors. The case came to light when a man left his phone in a restaurant. The service, wanting to contact the owner of the camera, was supposed to review its contents and discover dozens of “indecent videos and photos” with the participation of the 63-year-old and minors.

Franklin police announced the arrest of Camilo Hurtado Campos on Friday. The man is currently in custody, which he can leave after paying a bail of $ 525,000 (the equivalent of over PLN 2 million). The 63-year-old football coach has been charged with “raping children and sexually abusing minors”, according to a statement published by the officers. Prosecutors have not ruled out bringing “several additional charges” against him.

The charges were filed after a man left his phone in a local restaurant. His staff looked through the contents of the camera in the hope of finding information that would help them determine the identity of the owner of the loss. Instead, employees of the premises were to discover “dozens of indecent videos and pictures of children”. The police were called to the spot.

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Camilo Hurtado Campos charged with child abuse

During the subsequent investigation, officers found “hundreds of disturbing videos and photos” on Campos’s phone. Many of them showed the 63-year-old “raping unconscious boys between the ages of about 9 and 17,” investigators said.


Their findings show that Campos lived in Franklin for 20 years, where he coached soccer players. After working hours, he was supposed to visit local playgrounds. He was there to recruit players for the teams he led. “After gaining their trust, Campos invited the children to his home where he drugged them and then raped them,” police said in a statement published on their website.

In the course of the investigation, the 63-year-old’s phone was discovered recordings of the rape of “at least 10 children”. Thanks to cooperation with city schools, officers were able to identify the two of them. Currently, the police are trying to determine who the other victims are immortalized in the recordings. Detectives point out that “some of the children in these videos were intoxicated to the point that they may not even realize that they have been harmed.”

“A heartbreaking investigation is ongoing,” Franklin Police said.

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Main photo source: Franklin Police Department

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