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USA, Texas. A 6-year-old boy was struck by lightning and died. He fought for his life for over a month

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Six-year-old Grayson was struck by lightning in mid-May with his father and brother walking home from the school bus stop in Valley Mills. The child fought for his life in the hospital for several weeks, his death was announced on Friday. The boy’s 34-year-old father died shortly after the tragic event.

Information about the death of a 6-year-old appeared on June 16 on the GoFundMe page, where a fundraiser for the child’s family was created immediately after the accident. “Grayson passed away to God and his father this morning at 5:05 am. Please pray for the family,” it said.

On the fundraiser page, Grayson’s relatives reported that his injuries included frontal lobe and optic nerve damage. Two days before the child’s death, they reported that the boy had been disconnected from the ventilator and was breathing on his own. “He proved everyone wrong and still holds up,” it said.

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“Lightning came suddenly without warning”

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The boy was struck by lightning on May 15 in Valley Mills, Texas. Matthew Boggs, 34, was walking home from the school bus stop with his sons Grayson, 6, and Elijah, 11. At one point, when they were already in the driveway of their house, they were struck by lightning. The elder of the children was not hurt, because he went the other side of the alley. The 34-year-old could not be saved, and his younger son fought for his life for five weeks in a children’s hospital in the city of Temple.

According to the family’s account posted on GoFundMe, “the bolt appeared suddenly without warning”, struck the 34-year-old who was holding Grayson’s hand and electrocuted him as well. Elijah, who was uninjured, later told local station KWTX that at first he thought his father and brother were “just joking” when they fell to the ground, but when I turned my father around, half his head was bleeding, his face was bleeding. was purple, he said.

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How to protect yourself from lightning strikes?

To protect yourself from being electrocuted in the open, you need to avoid places where lightning strikes most often, such as tall structures, trees, and electrical networks. We should stay away from constructions such as a pole or mast (the minimum distance is equal to the height of the object), avoid open spaces, hills, forest borders (it is better to go inside), and do not approach solitary trees or small groups of them. You can’t go into the water either. Metal structures (e.g. fences, gates, railings) are dangerous, and you must not hold metal objects in your hands. In time storm do not run, because when lightning strikes close to us, we expose ourselves to the negative effects of step voltage. It’s best to squat with your feet together.

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