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USA, Texas. Drought revealed dinosaur footprints dating back 110 million years

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Drought is considered an unfavorable phenomenon for the environment. This time, however, she contributed to something positive. Thanks to it, researchers from Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas managed to discover about 70 prints left by two species of dinosaurs. They may be up to 110 million years old.

As a result of the extreme drought that has been gripping Texas for months, an unexpected discovery occurred in late August. The evaporation of water revealed about 70 dinosaur footprints. According to the media, the remains date back to approximately 110 million years ago. For centuries they were hidden under water and masses of mud in the Paluxy River, which runs through Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose.

– It’s exciting to see something no one else has seen. It’s almost like a treasure hunt, Paul Baker, one of the park’s employees, told CNN. – I thought I had seen all the dinosaur footprints, but over the last two years the drought and the hard work of our volunteers have exposed many of them. It’s an amazing sight, he added.

Drought has covered over one-third of the area of ​​Texas, the American Drought Monitoring Service reported on Thursday. This is why more dinosaur traces were discovered in this park. “It was the hottest June I’ve ever experienced, and I’m 45,” Baker noted. – I don’t remember the riverbed being so damaged. It’s dry to a crisp, he added.

Dinosaur[2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved]

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Two different species

According to researchers, the tracks belonged to two different species of dinosaurs. The three-toed paw prints probably came from the giant carnivorous Acrocanthosaurus, and the footprints resembling the gait of a modern elephant are the remains of a massive Sauroposeidon.

The first dinosaur mentioned belonged to one of the largest predatory species in North America in the Early Cretaceous (about 145-101 million years ago). It could have been 12 meters high. In turn, sauroposeidons could reach up to 30 meters, but according to researchers from the Natural History Museum in London, the individual that left the newly discovered traces was slightly smaller.

Dinosaur traces found2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved

Dinosaur traces found2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved

They can disappear quickly

The traces were first noticed on Friday, August 25. According to information provided via social media, park officials have never found such a large number of traces in one place.

– This is not normal, but thanks to two years of high temperatures and drought, we were able to discover new remains. When a good rain falls, most of them will disappear again, Baker said.

More detailed analyzes of the traces will be carried out in the coming weeks. Further plans include preparing a special map and casts of prints that will be used for future research.

The park contains a large number of dinosaur footprints made by sauropods and theropods that lived in the area about 113 million years ago. It is a popular spot among dinosaur enthusiasts and tourists, who usually flock to Paluxy to fish and kayak. Last year, other Acrocanthosaurus footprints were discovered in the region.

Main photo source: [2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved]

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