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USA. The 99-year-old received her high school diploma

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99-year-old Eleanor Monninger from Macomb, Illinois, returned to her high school after more than 80 years. A woman whose education was interrupted by World War II has just received her diploma. It has already hung in a place of honor in her apartment. Now she is considering taking university courses – reports the Washington Post, which described her story.

Eleanor Monninger was a senior in high school when her brother was mobilized in 1942. The American had to interrupt her education to replace him on the family farm. When the war ended, the woman repeatedly thought about returning to school. However, she was ashamed to sit in the same bench with younger students – describes the Washington Post.

According to the daily, the woman later got married and started working. She didn't need a diploma. However, there were moments when she missed him. One of them was the 50th anniversary of her year's graduation from school, to which she was not invited because she had not completed her studies.

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99-year-old Eleanor Monninger received her high school diploma

A year ago, the nephews of the elderly Monninger approached the local school board with a request to issue a diploma to their aunt, who always regretted that she had not been able to finish school – reports the Washington Post. Initially, it seemed that this would not be possible due to the strict regulations regarding the issuance of diplomas. However, a solution was eventually found.

It turned out that under state law it was possible to issue a high school diploma to students who did not complete their education due to the need to engage in the war effort. The 99-year-old received such a diploma on Saturday. Her participation in the graduation ceremony was rewarded with thunderous applause. “I haven't heard cheering like that since I've been working here,” said district superintendent Patrick Twomey.

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