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USA. The Americans shot down another flying object

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The US Army shot down an unidentified flying object on Sunday over Lake Huron, near the Canadian border. The information was provided by Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin, as well as anonymous officials cited by Reuters. This is the second such shooting in the last few days.

The information was provided on social media by a member of the House of Representatives, Democrat Elissa Slotkin from Michigan.

“The object was shot down by Air Force pilots USA and the National Guard. Great job by everyone who accomplished this mission both in the air and in quarters. We are all curious as to what exactly this object was and what its purpose was,” she tweeted.

“As long as these things keep circulating over the United States and CanadaAs long as I am asking Congress to be fully informed on this matter based on our research, she added.

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Anonymous American officials also informed Reuters about the shooting down on Sunday.

Lake Huron is one of the five so-called “Great Lakes” of North America. The US-Canadian border runs through it.

Another flying object over North America

Reuters writes that this is the second such shootdown in the past few days, following a week-long “China spy saga” that has increased vigilance over North American airspace.

After being shot down over the Atlantic a week ago chinese spy balloonthat flew over the US on Friday, an American F-22 shot down an object over Alaskawho was headed to Canada. Prime Minister on Saturday Justin Trudeau ordered to shoot down unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace.

The object was shot down over Lake HuronGoogle Maps

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