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USA. The bear broke into the car and stole the second breakfast [Wideo]

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A bear stole a bag of lunch from a company car. The vehicle’s drivers were alerted by search marks visible around the car. The whole situation took place on Friday morning in Tennessee.

On Friday morning, employees of one of the construction companies from the city of Gatlinburg in west Tennessee experienced quite a surprise. While carrying out the work, they left their company car in the driveway of the house being renovated. During the break, however, they noticed that the car’s cabin had been searched – there were several thrown items lying around the car.

Almost perfect theft

As it turned out, the owner of the house had a monitoring system, and one of the cameras was directed at the driveway. After watching the video, everything became clear – the thief turned out to be a black bear. The animal, tempted by the prospect of an easy meal, climbed into the vehicle’s cabin and then left it through the window. The clever bear took the desired loot with him – a second breakfast – and escaped into the unknown.

black bears (Ursus americanus) once inhabited the entire surface of the state of Tennessee, but now their territories increasingly overlap with human settlements. The local Wildlife Management Agency explained that bears that feed on human waste or are intentionally fed have a relatively short lifespan. Animals then get used to people, which makes them more vulnerable to their irresponsible behavior.

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ENEX, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Main photo source: ENEX/AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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