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USA. The bodies of four women were found in quick succession. Prosecutor: Their deaths may be related

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The bodies of four young women were found between February and May 2023 in different parts of the US state of Oregon. Earlier, investigators argued that the deaths were unrelated. Now they’ve identified the person who knew all the victims.

Kristin Smith, 22, Charity Perry, 24, Bridget Webster, 31, and Ashley Real, 22, were found dead between February and May this year in different parts of Oregon. On Monday, the Multnomah County State’s Attorney’s office announced that investigators had found a connection between the cases of the four women. The released statement emphasized that so far no charges have been brought against anyone, but many people have been questioned. At least one of them is “of interest to investigators because it is related to all four of the dead.”

What is known about the deaths of four women in Oregon

In February, the Portland Police Department found the body of Kristin Smith, who was reported missing in late December, according to CNN. After the tragic finale of the search, the mother of the 22-year-old gave an interview to the KPTV station: – I know that she did not die there suddenly, someone did something to her. She deserves justice, said Melissa Smith.

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On April 27, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office announced the “suspicious death” of Charity Perry. Her body had been found three days earlier near a highway northeast of Portland. Soon after, on April 30, Bridget Webster’s body was discovered near Mill Creek, about 80 miles southwest of Portland. The bureau also called the death “suspicious.” On May 7, a man visiting a heavily forested area in Clackamas County south of Portland found the body of Ashley Real, who had gone missing on April 4.

Four women have been found dead in four months in 2023.mcda.us

The Oregon medical examiner has not yet released the results of the women’s autopsy. No additional information on the case is disclosed. The state’s attorney’s office, however, assured the state’s residents that there was nothing to worry about. “Based on the information available to investigators, it is not believed that there is any active threat to the community at this time,” the statement reads.

They contradict their earlier words

The ABC news website recalls that in June, the prosecutor’s office issued a statement condemning emerging speculation that the deaths of the four women were related. “These discussions have led to anxiety and fear in our community, and we want to assure you that speculation is not supported by the facts available,” they argued in a June 4 press release.

Now the department has asked the public for help and guarantees anonymity to anyone who comes to law enforcement with information that may contribute to the investigation of the young women’s deaths.

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Multnomah County District Attorney, ABC, CNN

Main photo source: mcda.us

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