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USA. The body of a young woman was identified after 25 years. The only clue was the earring

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After 25 years, a young woman whose body was found on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1997 has been identified, Michigan police said on Monday. The woman’s body was undressed and had no clues as to her identity. The only lead in the case turned out to be an earring worn by the woman.

The Michigan State Police announced on January 9 that after 25 years, it had identified a woman whose naked body was found on October 27, 1997, on the shores of Lake Michigan in Manistee County. Although the news of the discovery of the woman’s body was immediately passed on to the services in the surrounding states, no credible traces ever appeared in the investigation and the case lost its course.

The earring is the only clue

In 2020, the investigation was resumed and the woman’s body was exhumed for DNA testing, which was not possible when the body was found. In July 2021, a lead surfaced after a woman’s DNA was matched to that of a Thyng family in Acton, Maine. This led officers to the woman’s possible brother, and also managed to locate her possible daughter, who lived in Chicago. After taking DNA samples from them and conducting tests, as well as reading the local press from 25 years ago, in December 2022, the identity of the deceased woman was finally confirmed.

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It turned out to be a 26-year-old from Chicago named Dorothy Lynn Thyng Ricker. Police said the woman’s cause of death was drowning, and the only lead officers had on the case was a single earring she was wearing. However, it was not specified whether the earring directly helped identify the woman.

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The body of a young woman

According to a police release, Dorothy Ricker was last seen in Wisconsin on October 2, 1997, by officers from the Department of St. Francis as she relaxed on a park bench by Lake Michigan. During the short conversation, she would be able to tell them that she was from Chicago and that she “enjoyed the lakeshore and the sun.” At that time, her disappearance had not yet been reported, and according to the officers, there was nothing to indicate an impending tragedy.

The next day, an abandoned car was found near the lake, and when the police checked the registration number of the car, it turned out that it belonged to a person marked “missing/at risk”. According to the information now published in the local media, the case of the abandoned vehicle has not been linked to the woman’s body, which was finally found over 3 weeks later.

The link between the missing woman case and the body from the lake, according to Fox 2, was supposed to appear in the local newspaper “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel”. According to the station, on October 7, 1997, an article appeared in this newspaper describing the disappearance of Ricker, in which it was written that sailors had already noticed a body floating in the lake, but it disappeared in the water after a while. The article further stated that Ricker was not happy with the fact that her family sought help for her due to the mental problems she was about to struggle with.

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