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USA. The court decided on guardianship for Cher’s son

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The Los Angeles Superior Court has considered Cher’s request to place her son Elijah Blue Allman under temporary financial guardianship. The judge ruling in the case emphasized that although she did not question the singer’s motivation, she considered the evidence presented to be “insufficient”.

Cher’s application to place her son under temporary guardianship was rejected by the court on Monday Supreme Court in Los Angeles – the BBC reported. ABOUT establishing oversight of Elijah Blue Allman’s finances the singer contributed last year. She justified her actions by the 47-year-old’s problem with substance abuse. The judge in the case emphasized that while she did not question Cher’s motivation, much of the evidence presented by her legal team should be considered based on hypotheses and fears.

As the BBC emphasizes, Monday’s court decision does not mean that the possibility of placing the 47-year-old under guardianship has been completely ruled out. It only refers to the imposition of temporary financial supervision on him. The final decision on possible guardianship for Elijah Blue Allman is to be made in March, during the next hearing.

Cher’s request to place Elijah Blue Allman under guardianship is denied

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Although the decision on guardianship is not final, the 47-year-old’s legal team has already expressed satisfaction with the verdict. “We are pleased that the court found that (Elijah) does not need temporary supervision,” Allman’s lawyer said, as quoted by The Guardian. As noted by the British portal, during the hearing, the man’s lawyers admitted that he had struggled with problems in the past. Currently, however, he is on the right track to overcoming difficulties: he has reconciled with his estranged wife, is participating in group therapy, is undergoing treatment and has a lot of support, they argued.

According to The Guardian, Cher’s lawyers countered the above argument, arguing that the support Allman receives comes mainly from people who downplay the scale of his problems and tell him what he wants to hear. In their opinion, the 47-year-old’s current abstinence and good mental condition are only apparent. During the hearing, the artist’s legal team warned that access to large sums of money could lead Allman to use drugs and, consequently, threaten his life. He also said that Cher is not interested in gaining direct control over her son’s finances, and the possible appointment of another trustee by the court will be satisfactory to her.

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The court grants guardianship to people who are unable to make decisions on their own, e.g. people suffering from mental illness. This may include supervision of a person’s finances, personal affairs, or both. In Allman’s case, it is only about financial supervision.

Elijah Blue Allman is the son of Cher and musician Gregg Allman. The couple remained married from 1975 to 1979. The singer died in May 2017, he suffered from liver cancer.

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