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USA. The decomposing body of a 7-year-old girl was found in a wardrobe. The mother was arrested

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Georgia police have arrested the mother of a 7-year-old girl on suspicion of murder after her decomposing body was found in a closet in an abandoned apartment. A neighbor of the detained woman came across them. He told local media that the corpse “looked like a real mummy.”

The body of the girl, identified as 7-year-old Alivia Hobbs-Jordan, was found on June 25 in an apartment in a housing estate in suburban Atlanta. They were found by a neighbor of a woman who had lived there before, who explained to the officers that he had not seen the tenant for several months.

DeKalb County Police said an officer who responded to a neighbor’s call was the first to notice “hair and a decomposing arm and leg” in the closet. The police statement did not disclose how the girl died. It was reported that on June 29, officers arrested her mother, 27-year-old Alondra Hobbs. The woman was charged with murder and child abuse.

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Atlanta. 7-year-old girl’s body ‘looked like a mummy’

A neighbor, quoted by Sky News, explained to local media that he entered the flat after seeing his door was “wide open”. He noted that upon entering, he smelled a “terrible smell”. He explained that the lights in the apartment were off, but all the furniture was in place, but objects were scattered around, “as if someone left in a hurry.”

The man said that at one point he noticed an open closet door. A human arm protruded from them. – The body looked like a real mummy. You could tell it was a girl by what she was wearing and by her hair, a neighbor explained to the arrested woman.

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Sky News, DeKalb County Police Department

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