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USA. The Delta Air Lines plane landed without the landing gear – the front wheels. Recording

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A Delta Air Lines plane landed without the nose landing gear extended at Charlotte Airport in North Carolina on Wednesday. No one was hurt in the incident. One passenger commented that “everyone on board was calm and collected”.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning. According to a statement from Delta Air Lines, the Boeing 717 departed from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport at 7:25. As it approached its destination, Charlotte Airport, the pilots noticed a problem with the nose gear. So they started the missed approach procedure to ascertain what was causing the malfunction.

After a series of maneuvers and communication with air traffic controllers, a decision was made to land with the landing gear up, which finally took place at 8:58 – reported Delta Air Lines. None of the 96 passengers or five crew members on board were injured. After landing, evacuation from the aircraft was carried out using emergency slides.

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A Delta Air Lines plane landed without the landing gear. Recording

In an interview with CNN, one of the plane’s passengers, Chris Skotarczak, reported that the passengers and crew were “calm” during the landing and all were briefed by the staff about the safety procedures. – The landing was smooth and the pilots and crew were amazing. Everyone on board was calm and composed.

A video appeared on social media showing the moment of landing from the perspective of passengers. It shows that each of them has their head down with their hands resting on the front seat.

Charlotte Airport said on social media that the runway where the Boeing 717 had stopped was closed after the incident and remained closed until Wednesday afternoon. It was also reported that there were delays in air traffic at the airport. Only in the evening, around At 19:00, the plane was removed and the runway opened.

“We apologize to our customers for this experience. We appreciate that each of them left their luggage and personal belongings to enable a quick and safe evacuation, and we are working to return all items to them. We continue to provide support to each individual,” Delta Air Lines emphasized in statement.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the cause of the landing gear failure.

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