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USA. The driver escaped from the police during a road check, the car dragged a policeman behind him. Recording

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Police in Massachusetts are looking for a driver who escaped from a traffic stop in Brockton, dragging an intervening policeman behind his car. The officer suffered minor injuries. The wanted man is 31-year-old Derek Lobo, suspected of a number of crimes.

Last Wednesday, police officers in Brockton, Massachusetts, stopped a gray Mercedes due to traffic violations. The driver stopped, but during the police activities he suddenly moved and dragged one of the officers along the asphalt.

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The incident occurred in Brockton, MassachusettsMassachusetts State Police

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Escape from the police in the USA. Recording

The entire incident was recorded by a camera in the police car. It shows how, just before the driver escapes, one of the policemen tries to reach for something inside the car. Suddenly, there is a struggle and the Mercedes drives away. The officer, whose upper body is in the vehicle, jumps to avoid being hit and, most likely, to try to stop the driver from fleeing.

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The incident occurred in Brockton, MassachusettsMassachusetts State Police

Unsuccessfully. After driving a short distance, the policeman lands on the asphalt and moves along it for several meters. When he manages to get up, he joins his patrol colleague, who by this time has managed to get into the police car and prepare for the chase.

However, the driver managed to escape.

According to a press release from the Massachusetts State Police, the officer who was dragged by the car suffered minor injuries.

“The suspect has been identified as Derek Lobo, 31, of Brockton. He is wanted for, among other things, assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, unsafe driving and trafficking in fentanyl,” reads the police press release. Officers are looking for a 31-year-old man and asking residents for signals.

Massachusetts State Police

Main photo source: Massachusetts State Police

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