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USA. The exhausted couple was stranded in the desert. Sheriff: They were very lucky

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A couple of tourists who went hiking in the California desert managed to call for help at the last minute. They were exhausted and dehydrated, local media report. The woman was transported to hospital in serious condition.

The incident took place on Sunday, June 9. According to the Riverside County Sheriff's Office, the tourists were on a trip to a desert region south of Joshua Tree National Park. The temperature there reached 41 degrees Celsius.

After some time, the steam lost its strength and it also ran out of water. As the situation worsened, she called for help by calling the emergency number. The rescue helicopter crew managed to find them in an area called Painted Canyon, while they were sheltering from the merciless sun's rays at the bottom of a dry creek.

Rescue operation

Rescuers lowered themselves on ropes and pulled the pair of tourists aboard. The woman was transported to hospital in serious condition. The man's condition was slightly better, but he also required hospitalization. The sheriff's office admitted that the tourists were very lucky because they faced certain death if rescuers did not find them. The office warned that trips to the desert at this time of year are extremely risky.

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Main photo source: Riverside County Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit

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