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USA. The father pounced on his son’s murderer in the courtroom. Recording

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During the pronouncement of the sentence for the murder of 18-year-old Willie Fields, the victim’s father pounced on the perpetrator of the murder. The incident occurred in a court of Orangeburg County in South Carolina. The whole incident was recorded by a surveillance camera. The man is threatened with criminal liability.

The described incident took place on Thursday morning during the final hearing in the trial for the murder of 18-year-old Willie Fields, in which the defendant was 22-year-old Linda Jones.

In the courtroom video, you can see the accused standing in the front row, listening to the judge announcing the verdict.

Moments after the court found Jones guilty of murder, the victim’s father pounced on the handcuffed 22-year-old, knocking him to the ground and punching him. “I’m gonna kick your ass, boy,” he shouted. The men were separated by bodyguards, both of them were led out of the courtroom.

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The father pounced on his son’s murderer in the courtroomCNN

“Mr. Fields is not a criminal. He is a victim of senseless violence.”

The father of the murdered 18-year-old, 58-year-old Willie Clay Field, was charged with assault and assault of the third degree, Orangeburg County Court said.

Fields’ lawyer, Justin Bumberg, made a statement on social media saying that his client had failed to contain his emotions. He added that the man apologized to the court for his behavior.

Fields, excited, tried to calm his relativesCNN

“No father should bury his innocent son. Mr. Fields is not a criminal. He is a victim of the senseless violence that happens all too often in our communities,” he wrote. “I don’t expect everyone to be able to understand what it’s like to sit there and relive the moment when you find out that your son was murdered for no reason,” added the lawyer.

Murder of an 18-year-old

The 18-year-old Willie Fields was murdered in August 2019. The boy was found dead on the side of a road in Orangeburg County. The killer fired one shot to the head and three to the back. A few days earlier, the teenager’s parents reported him missing.

Two brothers are responsible for his death, according to the police and the court. The elder, Lindy Jones, who was 19 at the time of the crime, will be responsible for the murder. His younger brother was found guilty of aiding in crime.

Lindy Jones on Wednesday pleaded guilty to the charges against him. As reported by the American media, the announcement of the court’s decision on the amount of the fine has been postponed.

Main photo source: CNN

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