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USA. The Gabby Petito case. Searching for a blogger’s fiancé. Witness accounts

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Police officers and agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation have still not found Brian Laundri, the fiancé of travel blogger Gabby Petito, whose body was found in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. According to unofficial information, the man is the main suspect in the murder of a 22-year-old girl. A squad of divers was involved in the search action on Wednesday. CNN has received new information about an incident involving a couple in one of the restaurants, which was supposed to take place shortly before the woman’s death.

Gabby Petito has gone missing while traveling across the country with her partner Brian Laundrie. They set off west in a Florida van in July to visit national parks in this part of the US. The 22-year-old woman regularly posted photos of the trip on social media – the last time on August 25.


Gabby Petito’s body was found in Grand Teton National ParkFBI HANDOUT / PAP / EPA

At the end of August, she also contacted her family for the last time. On September 1, Laundrie himself returned home in Florida in his friend’s van. The man who hired a lawyer and refused to talk to the police disappeared after several days without a trace. Last Friday his family reported him missing.

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Law enforcement sources said Laundrie is now the prime suspect in the death of Gabi Petito, whose body was found a few days ago in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. However, prosecutors withhold charges against him or formally labeling him as a suspect until the man is located.

Without a trace

The search for 23-year-old Brian Laundri conducted on the swampy Carlton Reservation will be resumed on Thursday, said Josh Taylor, a spokesman for the North Port Police Department. “Nothing has been found so far,” he added.

Gabby Petito and Brian LaundrieEnex

Investigators did not explain why – a week after the man’s family reported him missing – they believed the Laundrie might still be on a reservation full of alligators. North Port police noted that Laundri’s family did not report him missing for three days after he said he was going on a trip.

A team of divers joined the search action in the Cartlon reserve on Wednesday. According to the sheriff’s office, SURF, or Sheriff’s Underwater Recovery Force, are well-glazed underwater specialists who search for evidence of crimes in water bodies, as well as victims of drownings, accidents and murders. North Port Police said the involvement of divers did not prove that any new evidence was found in the case.

The FBI asked the public on Wednesday to help find the man. Investigators also called for anyone who saw or came into contact with the couple at the end of August to pass this information on to the authorities.

Finding Brian LaundriNorth Port Police Department / Associated Press / East News

Restaurant fuss

One Louisiana couple told CNN on Wednesday they saw Gabby Petito and Brian Laundri at The Merry Piglets Tex Mex in Jackson, Wyoming, on Aug. 27. Station informants say that the 22-year-old was crying and her partner was clearly upset, leaving the premises several times and back inside. According to their accounts, the man was aggressive towards restaurant employees. The couple’s waitress was supposed to be visibly shaken by the incident. CNN interlocutors said they had not witnessed any acts of violence between Petito and her partner.

The restaurant manager told CNN that she saw the incident and that she reported the incident to the FBI on Wednesday. The woman did not want to give her name to the station, nor to present her version of the events. She also claimed that the premises had no monitoring recordings of that incident. CNN asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation if investigators had received a report of Petito and Laundri’s visit to The Merry Piglets. “To protect privacy, we do not comment on the contacts the FBI has or does not have with anybody,” an FBI spokesman replied.

Grand Teton National Park area ENEX

In a series of videos posted on a social network, one of the users, Miranda Baker, reported that she and her partner drove Laundri from Colter Bay, Wyoming, near where they later Petito’s body was found.

The CNN station also reported previously unknown circumstances of the incident, previously reported by the American police. It is about a published video of a roadside inspection that the couple passed on August 12 near Moab, Utah. According to the officers, the couple were in a quarrel.

Recording of the control of the missing Gabby Petito and her fiancéReuters / Police in Moab

last message

According to CNN, before Petito went missing, she had interviews with her mother that indicated that there was “increasing tension” between the girl and her boyfriend. This picture also emerges from the analysis of SMSs exchanged between women.

CNN reports that the mother was supposed to receive the message from her daughter on August 27. The woman described her as “strange”. It was supposed to be: “Can you help Stan, I’m getting his voicemail and missed calls.” “The text message was about Petito’s grandfather, whose name is Stan, but the girl never referred to him as that. It made her mother suspect something was wrong,” notes CNN.

Petito’s mother received one more message from the girl, this time the last one – on August 30. It said there was no coverage in Yosemite National Park, California. But the family doubts Gabby wrote it.

Main photo source: North Port Police Department / Associated Press / East News

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