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Thursday, November 30, 2023

USA. The governor of New York will stand trial. One of the women filed a criminal lawsuit for sexual harassment

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One of eleven women charging Andrew Cuomo with sexual harassment has brought a criminal prosecution against the Governor of New York. An anonymous prosecutor on Thursday summarized her allegations at the sheriff’s office in the state capital Albany. She is identified as “executive assistant 1”.

An Albany Sheriff’s Office employee has brought a criminal case against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. She is one of 11 women whose allegations of sexual harassment were mentioned in a state attorney general’s report released this week. Its content was announced by the office of the New York Attorney General, Letitia James.


An anonymous prosecutor on Thursday summarized her allegations at the sheriff’s office in the state capital Albany. She is identified as “executive assistant 1”. “Executive Assistant 1” told investigators that Cuomo was hugging her and grabbing her buttocks, reports CNN. This is the first known criminal case against a governor on allegations of sexual abuse.

Andrew Cuomo denies the harassment

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“Cuomo denied that he had touched a woman inappropriately. The complaint, however, reinforces the mounting legal and political pressure facing the governor in the wake of a report that led to calls for his resignation or impeachment,” reported the television.

The state attorney general’s report also mentioned the allegation previously reported by the local daily Albany Times Union. It alluded to an incident on November 16, 2020 at the governor’s mansion where Cuomo allegedly reached under a woman’s blouse and grabbed her by the breast.

“I knew and he also knew that it was wrong. I did not encourage or ask for it in any way or form. I did not want it. I feel that I was abused” – testified the woman.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo charged with sexual harassmentJUSTIN LANE / PAP / EPA

Report of allegations against the Governor of New York

According to the report, the woman planned to take the secret about the incident “to the grave” until she watched Cuomo’s March press conference. He said at the time that he “never touched anyone the wrong way.”

As CNN points out, the document also alleges that Cuomo made inappropriate comments about the appearance and personal life of “Executive Assistant No. 1”. He repeatedly asked if she had cheated or would be cheating on her husband. The woman also testified that Cuomo hugged her and kissed her on the cheeks, and at least once in early 2020 on the lips as well.

“The report says Cuomo denied remembering kissing Executive Assistant # 1 on the lips. He testified that he regularly hugged the assistant, but claimed she was the ‘initiator of the hug,'” CNN noted.

She also cited a March statement by then acting advisor to the governor, Beth Garvey. She explained that in line with current state policy, when allegations of “physical contact” are concerned, the complainant is informed that they should contact their local police department. “If he refuses, the state agency has a duty to notify the department of the allegations itself,” Garvey said, assuring the state had done so.

Main photo source: JUSTIN LANE / PAP / EPA

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