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USA. The gunman in the New York subway train shooting has pleaded guilty to acts of terrorism

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The man who shot 10 people on a New York City subway train in April 2022 has pleaded guilty to terrorism and armed crimes. The man stated that he did not plan to kill anyone, but “only to seriously injure”. He is facing life imprisonment.

Frank James, 63, who calls himself the “Prophet of Doom”, pleaded guilty to all 11 counts in a federal court in Brooklyn. 10 involved a terrorist attack on a mass transit system – one for each injured passenger – which is punishable by life imprisonment. For gun violence, the minimum sentence is 10 years in prison.

“I got on a subway train that was carrying people,” said James, wearing a prison jumpsuit. “While I was on the train, I started firing guns,” he added.

However, the man stated that he did not plan to kill anyone, but “only to seriously injure”. He said he would make a full statement at a later stage in which he “repents” of his actions.

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Frank James pleaded guilty to an act of terrorismReuters

His lawyers said his behavior “was active assault, but not attempted murder.” They argued that he should not be sentenced to more than 18 years. “He has accepted responsibility for his crimes since he turned himself in to law enforcement. A fair sentence will carefully weigh the damage he has caused given his age, health and notoriously inadequate medical care in prisons, defense lawyers said.

New York subway attack

The attack on passengers took place on April 12, 2022 on a subway train traveling from Brooklyn to Manhattan. According to prosecutors, James aimed to “inflict maximum damage during peak hours”.

The AP recalled that a man dressed as a maintenance worker fired a 9mm pistol at least 33 times after firing several smoke grenades. He injured people from 16 to 60 years old, then escaped, taking advantage of the confusion. The manhunt for James ended after 30 hours, when he himself called the police while in one of the streets of Manhattan.

Before the attack, the man posted videos on YouTube in which he talked about violence and mass shootings. Much of the material he published was full of hatred against various social and racial groups.

Main photo source: Reuters

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