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USA. The House of Representatives adjourned until Friday without choosing a speaker

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The US House of Representatives, after 11 votes and three days, has still not been able to elect a new president. This is the longest deadlock since 1856. According to the media, however, a compromise is getting closer.

The House of Representatives voted on Thursday for another adjournment after eleven ballots and three days still failed to elect a new speaker.

The adjournment was decided after the fourth ballot of the day, in which House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy failed to secure enough votes.

McCarthy negotiates with the extreme wing of the Republicans

The impasse was not broken despite media reports that McCarthy made significant concessions to a group of 20 party “rebels” from the extreme wing of the party, agreeing to rule changes giving them more influence at the expense of their own powers.

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According to the Punchbowl News service, McCarthy agreed, among other things, that the vote on the speaker’s dismissal should be possible at the request of only one MP (so far it was 50, and McCarthy proposed 5).

The House of Representatives adjourned until Friday without choosing a speakerJIM LO SCALZO/PAP/EPA

According to the New York Times, the former president’s attempts also failed Donald Trumpto persuade McCarthy’s opponents to drop their objections in behind-the-scenes talks.

Trump has failed to convince them to change their minds, even though the “rebels” are among his biggest supporters. One of the group’s congressmen, Matt Gaetz, voted three times for Trump’s election as speaker. The chairman of the chamber need not be its member.

Deadlock in the House of Representatives

Thursday’s five ballots went in much the same way: Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republican majority since January, did not win enough of a majority (he received 201 votes), because 20 of his party colleagues from the extreme wing of the party voted for the alternative candidate, Florida’s Byron Donalds, Kevin Hern from Oklahoma or Donald Trump. Each time, Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries won the most votes, winning the support of all 212 party colleagues.

Negotiations among the Republicans continued throughout the day in the background of the voting. According to CNN and Reuters, although McCarthy worked out the text of the agreement with some of his opponents, it is still not enough to win a majority of votes.

The deadlock that has been ongoing since Tuesday, which has prevented the beginning of the work of the chamber and the formal swearing-in of congressmen, is the first such situation since 1923. At that time, it took three days and 9 votes to select the speaker – the third person in the state. The record in this regard was set in 1856, when the House needed two months and 133 votes.

Main photo source: JIM LO SCALZO/PAP/EPA

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