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USA. The House of Representatives adjourned until Thursday without choosing a speaker

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The Republicans failed to elect the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the second day in a row. Due to the failure to elect a new chairman, it was decided to suspend the work.

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday for another adjournment after failing to elect a new speaker in six ballots. Another attempt will be made on Thursday. This is the second day without an announcer pick.

The suspension of works was decided after an earlier break of several hours ordered after the sixth failed vote also did not bring a breakthrough in the impasse.

McCarthy without the support of 20 Republicans

Three Wednesday votes went in almost the same way: Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the majority of the Republicans since January, did not win enough to win a majority (he received 201 votes), because 20 of his party colleagues from the extreme wing of the party voted for an alternative candidate, Florida’s Byron Donalds.

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Republican leader Kevin McCarthy did not win enough of a majority to be electedMICHAEL REYNOLDS/PAP/EPA

This happened despite the ex-president’s calls Donald Trumpto vote for McCarthy and “not turn a glorious triumph into an embarrassing defeat.”

The impasse prevents the formal swearing-in of congressmen

Despite losing the vote for the second consecutive day, McCarthy said Wednesday night that progress had been made in intra-party negotiations. According to CNN, the Republican leader has reached an agreement with a group of right-wing congressmen on rules that would make it easier for anti-establishment candidates to compete in the primaries.

Previously, the majority of MPs voting against McCarthy demanded that he change the bylaws, which would increase their influence at the expense of the leadership of the chamber, including making it easier to remove him.

The impasse that has been ongoing since Tuesday, which has prevented the House from working and the formal swearing-in of congressmen, is the first such situation since 1923. Then, it took three days and 9 votes to select the speaker – the third person in the country.


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