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USA. The jury found Russian Viktoria Nasirova guilty of the attempted murder of Ukrainian Olha Tswyk

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A jury in New York’s Queens district found 47-year-old Russian Viktoria Nasirova guilty of attempted murder of Ukrainian Olha Tswyk. The accused faces up to 25 years in prison. A woman tried to kill a similar acquaintance to steal her identity, the BBC reported.

On August 28, 2016, Nasirova contacted Ukrainian cosmetologist Olha Tswyk, who lives in New York’s Queens district, asking her to meet her. Nasirowa had used her services several times before, so the sudden request did not arouse suspicion. A Russian woman came to Cwyk’s apartment with cheesecake. She ate two pieces herself and gave her friend a third piece. After eating the cake, Cwyk felt bad and slumped to the floor.

A friend found Cwyk the next day, she was in bed, in a near-comatose state. The woman was taken to the hospital. The last thing she remembered was seeing Nasirova wandering around her room. Before leaving, the Russian woman dressed her would-be victim in lace underwear and scattered pills containing a sedative around.

According to the New York prosecutor’s office, the perpetrator’s intention was to stage a Ukrainian woman’s suicide. “Fortunately, the victim survived and the poison led straight to the culprit,” Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz told the BBC.

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Wiktoria Nasirowa is detained in New York. Photo from March 19, 2017 Gregory P. Mango/Polaris/East News

Cheesecake with poison

After returning from the hospital, Cwyk noticed that she did not have her passport or work permit USA and a gold ring. About four thousand dollars in cash were also missing. The Russian woman took the documents, jewelry and money by the way, because the main purpose of her actions was to steal the identity of the Ukrainian woman. The women look alike, with dark hair and a similar skin tone, although Nasirowa is five years older than Cwyk.

“The jury reviewed the defendant’s deceptions,” Katz told reporters, adding that Nasirova attempted to steal “the most valuable possession of her unsuspecting victim, her identity.”

Specialists examined the cheesecake residue on the container and found that it contained phenazepam, a powerful sedative. Nasirova was arrested. She faces up to 25 years in prison. The final verdict is expected during the court hearing scheduled for March 21.

Another homicide case

The British newspaper “The Guardian” wrote that Nasirova, who comes from Krasnodar Krai, left for the USA because in Russia she was suspected of killing her neighbor. In an interview with CBS, the Russian claimed that she did not. In 2014, Nasirova allegedly drugged 54-year-old Alla Alekseenko with drugs and took her savings.

The BBC’s Russian section reported that Alekseenko’s daughter lives in the US. She was to tell investigators that not only savings but also family heirlooms had disappeared from her mother’s house.

Main photo source: Gregory P. Mango/Polaris/East News

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