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USA. The kidnapped teenager showed a signal for help. The driver next door called the police

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Kentucky police rescued a teenager kidnapped by a 61-year-old man. The girl, driving the hijacker in the car along the expressway, gestured to the other driver that she needed help. The man called 911. The kidnapper was arrested and charged.

On November 2, the parents of a 16-year-old girl from Asheville, North Carolina, reported their daughter missing.


Two days later, a driver on a highway near London, Kentucky, saw a passenger from a neighboring Toyota show him a sign through the windshield. It was the so-called “Signal for help”, a gesture meaning: I need help. The man read the signal correctly and immediately notified the state police. Callers reported that the girl “looked unhappy” and that the car she was in was being driven by an older man.

As reported by CNN, the driver followed the suspicious car for more than 10 kilometers, remaining in constant contact with the police. Officers stopped the vehicle at the motorway exit, temporarily pausing traffic along the route.

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The kidnapper was arrested, he heard the charges

The police confirmed that the 16-year-old girl inside had been kidnapped. The suspect – 61-year-old James Herbert Brick – has been arrested and charged with unlawful imprisonment, the sheriff’s office said. The man remains in custody. The hijacker’s motives were not specified.

According to CNN, after the teen’s abduction, Brick went with her to Ohio, where his relatives live. They left this state when one of the man’s relatives noticed that the girl was a minor and that she was reported missing.

The teenager told police that the kidnapper traveled with her through four states: North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. She added that on the route she repeatedly tried to attract the attention of the drivers driving alongside. Finally succeeded.

The gesture of calling for help that saved the girl

According to the police, the teenager learned a gesture made with victims of domestic violence in mind from TikTok, which featured many videos on how and when to use it.

This simple sign signal was developed by the Canadian Canadian Women’s Foundation in response to the increase in domestic violence during the pandemic.

Signal for help enables people who experience harassment from their household to be discreetly (for example, during a video call). To signal that you are in danger, show an open palm with a bent thumb, then clench your fist, closing your finger in it.

A signal for help Canadian Women’s Foundation

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