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USA. The media about the leak of US intelligence data on the comic program of China and Russia

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U.S. intelligence data leaked to the media show that in the race for space, the United States is threatened by China, which will use its capabilities to destroy foreign satellites in the event of an attack on Taiwan, the Washington Post reported. The documents also show that Russia’s space program will weaken over the next decade.

space program Russia suffers, mainly from sanctions, but presence and efficiency China in outer space is for Pentagon growing problem, according to the American newspaper “Washington Post”. A secret intelligence document said that before 2014 “Moscow had reduced the importance of domestic production of space components because excellent Western technology was readily available” and now “Moscow is trying to increase material aid from (China) to sustain its space industry.”

“Russian companies tried to create components intended for use in space for selected satellites, but their poor quality led to failures in orbit” – we read. American intelligence did not point to specific cases of failure.

American intelligence on the Chinese space program

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China, however, is taking part in the space race. The documents stated that in the event of an invasion of Taiwan China will “probably disable communications and intelligence satellites, destroy ground networks” and “ballistic missile early warning satellites.”

Chinese space center in Wenchang PAP/EPA

During a congressional hearing last week, NASA administrator Bill Nelson reiterated his belief that the US must send its astronauts to the moon before China does, the Washington Post reminds.

“If we let China get there first, that will stop them from saying, ‘We are here. This is our area. Stay away.’ That’s why I think it’s important that we get there with an international mission and set the rules ourselves,” Nelson said.

US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said last week that China “has doubled the number of its satellites since the inception of the Space Force” and now has more than 700 satellites in operation, 200 of which are used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Both China and Russia have the ability to destroy satellites in orbit with missiles, the Washington Post points out.

“To sum up, the (intelligence) assessment points to the increasing importance of space in modern warfare, as highlighted by conflict in Ukraineand underlines the importance of the threats that military analysts have been warning about for years.

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