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USA. The missing teenager was found locked in a farm building after 10 days

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After 10 days from the disappearance, the teenager was found in a farm building located nearly 1.7 thousand km away. miles from his home, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office said. A man suspected of abducting a girl has been arrested in connection with the case. Police are urging parents to be vigilant about their children’s online activities.

The 13-year-old was last seen on March 1, NBC reported, citing a missing person leaflet. The local police were investigating her disappearance. Working with the FBI, investigators discovered that the minor was communicating with an adult male through a social media chat. “He persuaded her to leave the house,” says Richie Simmons, sheriff of Davidson County, North Carolina, as quoted by today.com.

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A teenager found in a farm building

It was officers from Davidson County on Friday, March 10, ten days after the announcement of the disappearance, found a 13-year-old locked in an outbuilding in Lexington, North Carolina, about 1.7 thousand from her place of residence. kilometers. According to the sheriff’s office, the teenager – who “appeared to be uninjured” – was taken to a local hospital to be checked. Then she returned to her relatives.

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The abduction suspect, identified as Jorge Ivan Santos Camacho, was taken to the Davidson County Jail. He was charged with a number of charges, but it is not known whether all of them are related to this particular case. Investigators tracked down Camacho thanks to surveillance footage near the 13-year-old’s home. They determined that the vehicle on them, registered in Davidson County, North Carolina, belonged to a Davidson County resident. Investigators from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office then located the vehicle with the help of the FBI and detained the man during a roadside check.

Children’s activity in social media. Authorities are calling for vigilance

“I thank God we were able to find this young girl, it doesn’t always have to end this way,” Sheriff Simmons said at a press conference on Monday, March 13. He noted that parents should be mindful of their children’s social media activity, given their potential “vulnerability to bad actors.”

The ABC News portal pointed out that according to data from the Department of Justice in 2020, the federal authorities dealt with over 2.1 thousand. crimes related to trafficking in human beings, which is a 62% increase compared to 2011. Data from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children indicate that in 2020, USA more than 365,000 people were missing children – according to estimates, 30 percent. of them were victims of human trafficking.

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