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USA. The passenger was groping the flight attendants during the flight. He hit one of them. They tied him to the armchair with duct tape and gagged him

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A passenger on a Frontier plane was overpowered by crew members and tied to a seat with tape after slapping one of the flight attendants in the face. Earlier, he was groping her friends. The man was under the influence of alcohol. He was stopped by the police at the Miami airport.

The incident occurred on Saturday aboard a Frontier flight during an overnight flight from Philadelphia to Miami. According to police, the 22-year-old passenger allegedly harassed crew members.


First, after drinking two alcoholic beverages, the man wiped the glass on the buttocks of a passing flight attendant. He ordered a third refill, which he poured onto himself. The man went to the restroom and left the restroom without a shirt. The flight attendant told the passenger that he needed to be dressed on board and helped him remove a clean blouse from his carry-on bag.

The 22-year-old, under the influence of alcohol, hung around the plane for 15 minutes. At one point, he started groping another flight attendant. The woman told him not to touch her and take his place. The man did not mind the admonitions. He walked over to both flight attendants, wrapped his arms around them, and began to touch their breasts.

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The passenger was escorted to the seat and crew members appointed a third flight attendant to guard him. When the woman asked the man to stay in place, he hit her in the face, reports ABC News, citing a police report.

Aggressive pacified passenger

The cabin crew stood up for the woman. The man began to row and shout abusive words at them. Eventually he attacked the flight attendants with his fists. We managed to overpower him, but a few people were needed for this. Before the plane could land, the 22-year-old was secured to the seat with duct tape. His mouth was also taped.

According to a spokesman for the Frontier airline, the 22-year-old was detained by police at the Miami airport. The flight attendants, who had been the victim of the man’s scandalous behavior, were sent on paid leave pending the investigation. This is – as emphasized by ABC News – standard procedure.

Main photo source: Reuters

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