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USA. The Pentagon has announced the delivery of more HIMARS launchers, and Volodymyr Zelensky is grateful

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A high-ranking representative of the Pentagon announced that the US would provide Ukraine with four additional HIMARS rocket artillery systems and 1,000 precision artillery ammunition. Referring to Washington’s decision, the President of Ukraine expressed his gratitude to US President Joe Biden and the American public for their continued support in the fight against Russian aggression.

As a high-ranking representative told reporters Pentagonnew support package for Ukraine It will include, inter alia, four HIMARS launchers with missiles, 1000 pieces of precision artillery ammunition of 155 mm caliber, tactical vehicles and anti-artillery systems, as well as demolition ammunition and spare parts.

The new package means that Ukraine will soon have 12 HIMARS systems at its disposal. The official noted that the Ukrainian armed forces make good use of the eight launchers that have been delivered so far, hitting precisely at strategically important targets, such as ammunition depots or command posts.

He added that over 100 Ukrainian soldiers have already been trained to use the systems. He also noted that Russian reports of the alleged destruction of two of the HIMARS launchers delivered are untrue.

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“We can now see that Ukraine is successfully striking Russian targets in Ukraine, deeper behind the front lines, disrupting Russian capabilities to conduct this current artillery operation,” the official said. “We know they attack targets that have a serious impact on the battlefield,” he added.

He also stressed that the delivery of 1,000 pieces of GPS guided artillery shells to 155 mm howitzers would allow Ukraine to save ammunition and hit Russian targets with greater precision. Additional weapons package for Ukraine means that the value declared by USA military aid from the beginning of the Russian invasion will amount to $ 7.3 billion.

Pentagon representative on the situation in Ukraine

The representative of the Pentagon said that according to the American assessment, Russia “is not winning” the present war “, especially in relation to the initial goals”, and the slow progress of the Russian troops in the Donbas is accompanied by severe losses, which strongly affect the morale of the soldiers.

HIMARS launcher. Visible space for six 227-millimeter roundsPfc.Sarah Pysher / dvidshub.net

He added that the losses of Russian units were “high enough that they would have to reorganize” and would likely stop their main offensive activities.

Zelenskiy thanks the US for its support in the fight against Russia

“I am grateful to the US President Joe Biden and the American people for their continued support in the fight against Russian aggression. Together we are going to victory “- wrote the President of Ukraine on Twitter on Friday evening Volodymyr Zelenskyreferring to Washington’s decision to hand over more HIMARS launchers to Kiev.

“More HIMARS systems and 155 mm rounds are our priority needs. This is the (armament) that allows us to repel the enemy,” added the head of the Ukrainian state.

Main photo source: Pfc.Sarah Pysher / dvidshub.net

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