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USA. The police dog “cleared of charges” has become a social media hit

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Michigan police have announced they have “discontinued the investigation” of Officer Ice, their police dog. The dog was “suspected” of stealing one of the officers’ lunch. A post that retold the story and showed Ice as being arrested went viral on social media.

The post about the dog appeared on the Facebook profile of the Wyandotte, Michigan police on January 12. “Theft is not only a crime but also an immoral act. Some professions, such as the police profession, require an oath before starting work. Under this oath, officers pledge that they will protect the property of others. I regret to inform you that the current officer of the Wyandotte Police Department is under investigation for theft!” – we read.

It went on to say that the incident happened two days earlier. According to the description, one of the officers, Officer Barwig, was eating lunch when he was called to assist in custody. He quickly answered the call, leaving food on the table. After a while, he and the other officers returned to the room where he had eaten. There he found Officer Ice “leaving the room slowly, licking his lips.” “Barwig’s entire lunch is gone, evaporated!” – emphasized in the post.

“Officer Ice has invoked his right to remain silent and, frankly, is not cooperating. He already has a record of rummaging through garbage cans within his reach and several accusations of grabbing food from the hands of co-workers,” the authors of the entry explained.

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However, they left out one important thing – Officer Ice is a dog. This, in addition to the story itself, is informed by the photo attached to the entry – a black dog poses against the background on which arrested people are usually photographed.

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Michigan. Police post a hit on Facebook

At the end of the post, police said they would take into account the views of Facebook followers on how to proceed with the investigation. The post was liked over 24,000 times and shared by approximately 13,000 people. users. Internet users stood up for the “suspected” officer of the theft. “If necessary, I can be his lawyer,” declared the author of one of the comments. Another commenter was willing to bail him out if arrested.

The officers fulfilled their promise and actually followed the voice of Internet users. A few days later, another post appeared on Facebook. It said Officer Ice had been “cleared.” “Several dozen attorneys offered to defend Officer Ice pro-bone-o (pun: bone – bone – ed.). We were threatened with mass protests if we continued the investigation and upheld the charges,” we read. Police added that one of the local bars had provided Ice with a sandwich made especially for him, “they had a feeling the dog wasn’t being fed enough.”

Ice – A retired police dog

In an interview with FOX, Chief Brian Zalewski of the Wyandotte explained that Ice’s handler is Sergeant Kenneth Groat. The policeman has been working with the dog for 10 years, taking care of him when he was six months old. As Zalewski added, Ice is “well trained” and has participated in vehicle searches and drug searches for many years. “Although he is starting to gray on his face and no longer participates in daily patrols, he is still a very important part of our department,” the police officer said.

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Wyandotte Police Department, FOX

Main photo source: Facebook/Wyandotte Police Department

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