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USA. The remains of a woman in a bag abandoned in a remote area. Her identity was established through DNA testing

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Forty-five years later, investigators have identified a woman whose remains were found in a clothes bag in northern Nevada. This has been achieved thanks to the latest technology. The current investigation is to determine the circumstances of the deceased’s death and explain how her corpse got to about 860 kilometers from her place of residence.

The remains of an unidentified woman were found in a clothes bag in a remote area in Imlay, northern Nevada, in 1978. At that time, authorities were unable to establish the identity of the deceased or the circumstances of her death. Years later, the Nevada State Police returned to the case. On Wednesday, it was reported that advances in DNA testing had revealed who the victim was. This is Florence Charleston, a 60-year-old resident of Cleveland, Ohio, who moved to Portland, Oregon shortly before her death, ABC News reported, citing the AP agency.

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The ongoing investigation has determine the circumstances of the woman’s death and explain how her remains were found about 860 kilometers from her place of residence. Diane Liggitt, one of Charleston’s few living relatives, was quoted by ABC News as saying she was about 18 when her father told her in the early 1970s that her aunt had moved to the Northwest with her new partner. The family never had contact with the woman again.

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The remains of a woman in a clothes bag

Authorities also found items of clothing in the bag that contained Charleston’s remains, including a dark green sweater and a long-sleeved pink sweater. The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office initially investigated the circumstances of the death. In the spring of 1979, Nevada State Police detectives joined the investigation. They compared their dental records with those of other missing persons, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

In March 2022, the police teamed up with the Othram Inc. lab, which said in a statement on Wednesday that it had developed a “comprehensive DNA profile of an unidentified woman” that led investigators to two Charleston nieces living in Ohio. Liggitt said authorities contacted her in April this year. – Did you find my Aunt Dolly? – she was to say when she found out about the identification. Soon after, investigators took a DNA sample from Charleston’s niece, which confirmed the identity of the woman whose remains were found in 1978.

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