USA. The train derailed after hitting a rockslide. A fire broke out on the spot


Three people have been hospitalized following a freight train accident in the US state of West Virginia. According to preliminary findings, the train hit a rock landslide. A fire broke out at the site, and there was a diesel fuel leak, Reuters reported.

A CSX Corp freight train derailed Wednesday morning, March 8, local time in Sandstone, West Virginia, after hitting a rock landslide. As a result of the accident, three members of the train crew were injured and diesel fuel leaked into a nearby river. A fire broke out on the spot. As initially determined, all four locomotives and nine empty coal freight cars derailed, Reuters reported, citing the company that owned the train.

Train derailed in West VirginiaReuters

Train derailment in West Virginia

According to CSX, all three injured were hospitalized but did not suffer life-threatening injuries. The company assured that the train was not carrying any hazardous materials and that the accident did not pose a threat to the residents of the area. The company added that it is in contact with local authorities to take corrective action. The Federal Railroad Administration said the fire at the scene has been extinguished.

Cars of a freight train that derailed in West VirginiaReuters

The accident in West Virginia happened almost a month after Norfolk Southern train derailment near East Palestine, Ohio – reported by the American media. The result was a chemical spill. In East Palestine announced state of emergencyand authorities called for the immediate evacuation of residents.

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Locomotives and carriages derailed by a collisionReuters

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