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USA. The Trial of Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress is accused of an accident on the slopes

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The trial of Gwyneth Paltrow, accused of causing an accident on a ski slope, began on Tuesday. The lawyer of the American star argued that his client started sliding down the slope when a man collided with her back. The man’s lawyer said that the actress behaved irresponsibly. “She knew skiing like this was reckless,” he added. Paltrow also filed a lawsuit in this case.

On Tuesday, March 21, the court in Park City, Utah, held its first court hearing on the lawsuit against Gwyneth Paltrow. The jury trial began with introductory speeches, and the actress was present in the courtroom. The proceedings are scheduled for eight days. Paltrow and her family members are likely to testify.

Gwyneth Paltrow sued over skiing accident

The actress was sued in 2019 by Terry Sanderson. being on retired The 76-year-old man alleges that in February 2016 on the slopes at the Deer Valley Resort in Utah, she lost control while skiing and crashed into him, hitting him in the back. She also accuses Paltrow of getting up after the accident and driving away without a word, leaving him lying on the ground.

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During the event, her instructor was to behave as irresponsibly as the actress herself. According to Sanderson, the man stopped, said, “You did something,” and also drove off without rendering assistance. The instructor also allegedly issued a false statement in which he accused Sanderson of causing the accident.

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Sanderson suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident. concussion and brain injury and four broken ribs. The man claims that he spent a large amount of money on treatment and that the accident disfigured him. Terry Sanderson initially sought $3.1 million in damages from the actress, but he reduced his claim to $300,000. dollars (approx. PLN 1.3 million).

Actress’ lawyer: The man collided with her back. It shocked her and physically hurt her

The star’s lawyer, Steve Owen, told the jury on Tuesday that his client had just started skiing when a pair of other skis suddenly appeared between her skis and a man collided with her back. The lawyer argued that Sanderson, who suffers from vision and hearing loss as a result of a previous stroke, may not have seen the actress before colliding with her.

Owens said his client initially suspected she had been mugged and was so shaken by the incident that she decided not to ski for the rest of the day. “It shocked her and physically hurt her,” he said.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the actress’s lawyers also argued that both her ski instructor and the ski patrol rushed to help after the incident.

Sanderson’s lawyer: distracted skiers cause accidents

Sanderson’s lawyers argued that it was Paltrow who skied irresponsibly that day because she was trying to watch her children slide off the slopes.

The man’s attorney, Lawrence Buhler, said Paltrow showed a “deliberate disregard for other people” when she collided with his client, causing serious injuries. “Distracted skiers cause accidents,” he said, adding that the actress is an experienced skier and knows the rules. She knew it was reckless to ski like this, blindly downhill, looking up and to the side. She knew if she continued to drive like this, she might crash into someone underneath her,” Buhler said.

Actress lawsuit

Gwyneth Paltrow has filed her own lawsuit against Sanderson alleging that Sanderson ran into her on the slopes. According to the actress, the man apologized to her on the spot and claimed that he was fine. In her lawsuit, the actress demands a symbolic dollar in damages and reimbursement of the costs incurred in the process.

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