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USA. The White House is asking Congress for support for Ukraine and Israel

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The White House asked Congress on Friday to pass an additional $105 billion package to help Ukraine, Israel, U.S. allies in the Indo-Pacific, and to strengthen border security.

Administration Joe Biden is asking for more than $60 billion in economic and military aid spending Ukraineas well as PLN 14 billion for military support Israel.

According to a letter from the head of the Office of Budget and Management (OMB), Shalanda Young, published by the White House, the administration requests, among other things, for the allocation of over USD 11.8 billion to direct support for the Ukrainian budget, as well as approximately USD 50 billion for military support and other expenses, including increasing ammunition production, intelligence support, as well as loans and grants to Ukraine and the countries of NATO’s eastern flank.

The US announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, including depleted uranium ammunitionTVN24

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Billions for weapons purchases and humanitarian aid

USD 12 billion is to be allocated to the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) program, i.e. the purchase of weapons for Ukraine, and USD 18 billion to supplement the US arsenal.

“This request for additional funding from the administration will provide critical training, equipment and weapons needed to help Ukraine defend itself and reclaim its sovereign territory, and protect Ukrainians from Russian aggression,” the White House said in a statement.

10 billion is to be allocated for humanitarian aid programs in Ukraine, the region and the Middle East.

In addition to support for Ukraine, the White House proposal assumes over $14 billion in military aid for Israel, of which $4 billion will be transferred directly to Israel for the purchase of missiles for the Iron Dome and David’s Slingshot air defense systems.

US Secretary of State flew to Israel, Joe Biden warns Iran

US Secretary of State flew to Israel, Joe Biden warns IranJacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

Taiwan’s weapons purchase

The White House also wants to allocate $2 billion for the purchase of American weapons by Taiwan and other Indo-Pacific countries, as well as $13.6 billion to strengthen the southern US border in the face of migration crisis. The money is to be used to employ 1.3 thousand people. new border service officers and almost 2,000 immigration system workers.

President Biden spoke on Thursday about the need for Congress to allocate new funds to help Israel and Ukraine televised address to the nation, arguing, among other things, that if Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, it may attack Poland in the future, which would mean the need to involve US soldiers. He also talked about the similarities between Russia and Hamas.

– Hamas and Russia represent different threats. But what they have in common is that they want to completely annihilate neighboring democracies, the president said. – We cannot and will not allow terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin to win. I will not allow it. In times like these, we must remember who we are – we are the United States of America. And nothing is beyond our capabilities if we stand together, appealed Joe Biden.

Biden: the attack on Israel recalls almost 20 months of war, tragedy and brutality inflicted on the Ukrainian people

Biden: the attack on Israel recalls almost 20 months of war, tragedy and brutality inflicted on the Ukrainian peopleReuters

Paralyzed work of Congress

The work of Congress is currently paralyzed due to the vacancy in the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives and the political impasse on the issue choice new announcer. Another round of votes for the speaker was to be held in the House on Friday, but according to commentators’ predictions, the chances of filling the vacancy are small.

The White House has repeatedly warned that funds to aid Ukraine are running out. According to the Pentagon, the US still has the authority to transfer equipment worth approximately five billion dollars.

Main photo source: JIM LO SCALZO/PAP/EPA

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