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USA. There is hope for Kiev. All eyes are on Congress

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Johnson announced his plan to address the nearly half-year-old backlog issue of support for Ukraine after Monday's meeting of the Republican caucus in the House.

As Johnson announced during the press conference, instead of putting to a vote the $95 billion package passed by the Senate in February combining funds to support Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific countries, he will probably submit separate projects for each region and additional package containing, among others, regulations enabling the use of frozen Russian assets, or converting aid to Ukraine into loans and equipment leasing. The Speaker suggested that a vote on these bills could take place in the House on Friday, and then they would go back to the Senate.

According to CNN, the aid packages would contain similar amounts as in the Senate version of the bill, i.e. 60 billion for aid to Ukraine and 14 billion for Israel.

USA. Deadlock on aid to Ukraine. There may be a breakthrough

Johnson's plan – aimed at taming congressmen from his own party who oppose Ukraine – gives hope to unlock an impasse that has lasted for almost half a year regarding aid to Ukraine, although the path to adopting the laws is still not entirely clear. Although funds for Kiev are supported by the vast majority of congressmen, the process may be complicated by procedural obstacles and proposed amendments.

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Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who said she would demand that Johnson be removed from office if he agreed to support Ukraine, called his plan “a scam that people are fed up with,” but did not say whether he would carry out his threat. Just a day earlier, she declared that combining aid for Ukraine and Israel was “anti-Semitic” and demanded that the two matters be separated.

The time is also unknown, because according to the plan, the Congress is to go on Friday another two-week break in the session.

USA. Foreign leaders appeal to Americans

On Monday, the White House announced that opposes the adoption of a separate package instead of the bill passed by the Senate in February, which would be the simplest and fastest solution. However, some Democrats have signaled they may be willing to support the plan if it makes it possible to send urgently needed aid to Kiev. According to Punchbowl News, Johnson spoke with President Joe Biden on Monday evening and intends to have a conversation with House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

On Tuesday, Johnson will also talk about the package with Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala – another in the line of foreign leaders who are calling on Congress to support Ukraine. Previously, they did similar things, including: President Andrzej DudaBritish Foreign Minister David Cameron, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

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