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USA. They left the baby in the car overnight. Florida parents charged with involuntary manslaughter

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A Florida couple have been arrested on charges of involuntary manslaughter after leaving their 1.5-year-old daughter in a car for about nine hours after returning from a party, authorities say. The girl died in the hot car.

The deceased child’s parents, Joel and Jazmine Rondon, were arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter on Thursday, CBS News reported on the same day. The station’s portal reported a press conference during which Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd shared the findings regarding the death of a 18-month-old girl. According to police, the Rondons’ daughter was alone in the vehicle from about 2 a.m. local time on Wednesday until about 1 p.m. 11 when it was found. The air temperature then exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. (105F).

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They came back from the party, the baby was left in the car

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The couple and their three children attended a party in Lakeland to celebrate Independence Day, which is celebrated in the United States on July 4. Upon returning to her home in Polk County, Jazmine Rondon took her children, aged six and eight, inside “to give them something to eat and put them to bed and told her husband to take home their youngest child,” the sheriff said. Judy on Thursday. Joel Rondon brought several trays of food inside, and when he saw that all the doors of the car were locked, he assumed that his wife had taken their daughter home. He saw the woman asleep and went to bed himself around 3am. Neither parent asked the other if they had brought the girl inside.

According to this account, Joel Rondon was about to ask one of his children where the youngest daughter was at around 11. When it replied that it didn’t know, Rondon went looking for the girl, whom he soon found in a car parked in the driveway. Then he woke up his wife. According to authorities, Jazmine Rondon, who “underwent medical training”, knew the baby was dead, but the couple rushed the girl to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy showed that the cause of death was hyperthermia (overheating of the body) caused by being left in the car, authorities said.

How quickly the car heats upMaria Samczuk/PAP

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The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said during a press conference that tests conducted 17 hours after the couple returned from the party showed the presence of alcohol and drugs in their systems. The other children of the arrested couple are currently staying with Rondon relatives, CBS News reported, citing officials.

CBS News, Polk County Sheriff’s Office

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