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USA. Three defendants in the stolen manuscript of “Hotel California” by The Eagles

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Three men were charged on Tuesday with allegedly possessing a hundred pages of manuscript texts and notes stolen from Don Henley, co-founder and vocalist of the band Eagles. Among them, there will also be the text of the group’s greatest hit.

According to Reuters, Glenn Horowitz, 66, Edward Kosinski, 59, and Craig Inciardi, 58, curator of Rock and Roll Hall by Fame, were charged on Tuesday with trying to sell over $ 1 million worth of notes and texts by Don Henley from the Eagles group. The notes were made during the creation of the album “Hotel California” from 1976. Alvin Bragg, the New York District Attorney of Manhattan, reported among them, among others a manuscript of the group’s biggest hit, Hotel California. The accused are also accused of having lied to auction houses, potential buyers and law enforcement agencies about how they obtained them.

The whole case dates back to the end of the 1970s. Then, according to prosecutors, the band’s biographer was supposed to steal the materials from the group leader and sell them later, in 2005, to Glenn Horowitz, who was a rare book dealer. Horowitz was then supposed to resell the notes to Inciardi and Kosinski, who, according to the accusation, tried to buy them from Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Or, as Reuters recalls, Henley himself bought them.

Released without bail

The prosecutor’s office is to investigate the case from 2016. The accused did not plead guilty to the alleged acts. All three were released without bail. However, according to Rolling Stone magazine, Craig Inciardi was suspended as curator of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Men’s lawyers, in a joint statement, said the prosecution alleged criminal activity where there was none and unfairly tarnishes reputable professionals. “We will fight vigorously against these unfounded allegations. These men are innocent,” they said.

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The team manager also took his position on the matter. “No one has the right to sell illegally acquired property or profit from overt theft of irreplaceable pieces of musical history. These handwritten lyrics are an integral part of the legacy Don Henley has built up over his 50-year career,” he said in a statement sent to Rolling magazine Stone “Irving Azoff.

“Hotel California” is one of the greatest rock hits in history

The history of the band begins in 1971. The Los Angeles-based group has released seven studio albums over the years. The greatest popularity was brought by her album “Hotel California” from 1976. The album was awarded two Grammy Awards and forever cemented the position of musicians in rock history. Rolling Stone magazine placed the title song of the album at 49th place on the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

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