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USA. Timothy Snyder, Francis Fukuyama and others appeal to Congress on Ukraine

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Artists, activists and scientists have sent an appeal to the United States Congress, demanding support for fighting Ukraine. “If Ukraine is defeated, we will find ourselves in a much more dangerous world than today. It will be a world in which we can expect war in Europe and Asia,” they write. Signatories included Timothy Snyder, Francis Fukuyama, Barbra Streisand, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Penn, Hilary Swank and Mark Hamill.

This week, 36 American artists, activists and scientists published on CNN a public appeal to the US Congress for financial support for fighting Ukraine. Those calling on the U.S. Parliament to act include historian Timothy Snyder, political scientist Francis Fukuyama, actors Viggo Mortensen, Sean Penn, Hilary Swank, Mark Hamill, Barbra Streisand and Liev Schreiber, director JJ Abrams and the musical band Imagine Dragons. “Together we call on Congress to do the right thing,” they write. “If Ukraine is defeated, we will find ourselves in a world much more dangerous than today. It will be a world in which we can expect war in Europe and Asia. A world in which Russia can cut off food supplies to the Middle East and Africa, which currently provided by Ukraine. A world without rules and a world full of nuclear weapons. And by then it will be too late to do something that is easy now: help an ally who is fighting for its life by passing an appropriate bill in Congress. Spend about a cent of the dollar of the Department's budget Defense, about a cent of the total budget dollar, most of which remains in the United States anyway,” we read in the appeal.

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“We are failing Ukrainians”

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The authors of the appeal emphasize that Ukraine is defending the American raison d'état. “The Ukrainian armed forces defend basic American interests. They do things that Americans cannot do on their own. By absorbing the entire Russian attack, they prevent the war from spreading to Europe. They deter China without provoking Beijing in any way. But they show that nuclear power can be resist, they are also showing other countries that they do not have to build nuclear weapons. For two years, Ukrainians have protected both us and their own people. Most Americans understand this and want to help Ukraine. And most members of parliament do too. Yet we are failing the Ukrainians.” In the statement we can also read about the crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine. “Russia is torturing Ukrainian citizens in the territory it occupies, kidnapping Ukrainian children and murdering Ukrainian leaders. In the territory where Russia can reach with its weapons, it is attacking civilians and paramedics. Russian rockets, drones and bombs are destroying churches and Holocaust monuments.” The appeal ends with a call on Congress to take appropriate decisions as soon as possible. “Time is short and new threats may emerge very quickly. Together we call on Congress to take appropriate action – now. Help Ukraine.”

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