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USA. Truck accident. It tipped over and hung from the viaduct. The driver survived

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In Pennsylvania, a truck carrying almost 20 tons of cargo overturned on an overpass and crashed into a concrete wall, and its semi-trailer hung at a height equivalent to five stories. The driver escaped the accident almost unscathed, getting out of the cabin on his own. “I was literally saved,” he told the Washington Post.

“When the truck driven by Kostas Hobitakis overturned on a Pennsylvania highway, the driver began to pray. As it moved towards the edge of the overpass, he continued to pray. cabin and Hobitakis, condemning him to certain death, he continued to pray,” reports the Washington Post. “I was just hanging off the overpass,” the driver, who had avoided the worst, told the newspaper.

The incident happened on April 12 near South Strabane Township in Washington County. As you can see in the photos and recordings circulating on the web, the truck driven by 37-year-old Hobitakis – carrying more than 18 tons of cardboard – left the road at a bend, overturned and crashed into the cement wall of the viaduct. As a result of the impact, her trailer tore apart, and some of the cargo fell from a height described by the media as approximately five stories. However, the vehicle stayed on the viaduct.

The Washington Post reports that Hobitakis got out of the cabin under his own power. As a result of the accident, he did not suffer any serious injuries, only a few scratches. No one else was hurt either. The fact that there was no tragedy, the 37-year-old called “a miracle”. “I was literally saved,” the driver, who believes he was protected by a “force majeure”, told the newspaper. “I’m grateful to be alive,” Hobitakis said in another interview with local Channel 11 television.

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A driver with a speeding ticket

Although the police fined Hobitakis for speeding, he assured the Washington Post that he was driving within the law. He explained that although he had applied the brakes, the loaded truck had not slowed down enough to round the bend. He added that if the vehicle were to fall off the overpass, he believes there would be an explosion and the fire would quickly engulf the entire cabin. The driver described the sight of the trailer hanging from the overpass as “something unreal”. “It looked like a movie,” he said.

As we read in the article on the daily’s website, Hobitakis will have to pay the company where he is employed a $1,500 fine. After the accident, the 37-year-old has not been fired or resigned, but he is considering leaving the profession in which he has been working for more than three years.

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The Washington Post, Channel 11

Main photo source: twitter.com/KaleaGunderson

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