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USA. Two-year-old shot pregnant mom. The woman and the unborn child are dead

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A 31-year-old pregnant woman from the US state of Ohio has died in hospital after being shot in the back by her 2-year-old son. Doctors were also unable to save the unborn child. According to the police, everything points to an accident.

The tragedy happened on June 16 in the city of Norwalk. According to the local police announcement, around noon, a woman called the emergency number, later identified as 31-year-old Laura Ilg. She reported that she was accidentally shot with a firearm by her 2-year-old son. The bullet hit her in the back. The woman, who was 33 weeks pregnant, was taken to the hospital, the doctors performed a caesarean section, but the unborn child could not be saved. A few hours later, the 31-year-old also died.

Dave Smith, the local police chief, was quoted by Newsweek as explaining to local media that when officers arrived at the scene, they had to break down the door to get inside. A pregnant woman and her baby were in an upstairs bedroom. The police seized a handgun lying in the same room. Smith said the 31-year-old woman “felt bad and was in shock” but was calm enough to talk about the details of the incident. She explained that before calling the police, she called her husband, who was at work.

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USA. The gun was on the nightstand

Smith said preliminary investigations showed the gun was on the bedside table in the bedroom. This room was usually locked, so the 2-year-old had no access to it. Ilg was to explain to officers that she believed the boy entered the bedroom and started playing with the gun, then shot her in the back while she was doing laundry. The 31-year-old who was shot, Smith explained, also allegedly told the intervening officers that she did not think that such a small child would be able to lift the gun and pull the trigger.

Ilg’s husband and the boy’s father informed the police that the gun was his, Smith said. He added that the child is now in the care of his father.

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Newsweek, Norwalk Police Department

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