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USA-Ukraine – agreement, Putin's ultimatum. Professor Roman Kuźniar comments

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The security agreement between the US and Ukraine is also important from the point of view of the free world, keeping Russia “in a half-crouch” – said Professor Roman Kuźniar, a political scientist and diplomat from the University of Warsaw, in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. He also referred to the peace ultimatum presented by the Russian president on Friday. He assessed that “Putin, seeing what is happening, is losing his tone.”

US Presidents i UkraineJoe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky – announced the signing at Thursday's press conference 10-year security agreement. By document United States reaffirm their support for Ukraine's defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of renewed attack Russia to the eastern front of Ukraine.

Zelensky: This is a historic dayENEX

Agreement between the US and Ukraine “extremely detailed”

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The provisions and importance of this agreement were commented on in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 by Professor Roman Kuźniar, head of the Department of Strategic Studies and International Security at the University of Warsaw.

He admitted it was a “great deal.” – I was surprised by her seriousness. It is extremely detailed, extremely serious when it comes to American obligations (…), this is an agreement that will be registered at the headquarters UN in New York, which means that Americans assume an international legal obligation, he said.

He pointed out that this agreement “applies to all categories of weapons, all categories of force.”

He stated that President Zelensky is returning from the G7 summit Italy, where the agreement was signed, “as the winner”. – Not only does it bring an excellent quasi-alliance agreement with the United States, but it also brings $50 billion – he said, referring to the fact that the G7 leaders reached agreement on the payment of $50 billion to Ukraine for the use of profits from Russian assets frozen in the European Union and G7 countries.

Prof.  Kuźniar: Zelensky returns from the G7 summit as a winner

Prof. Kuźniar: Zelensky returns from the G7 summit as a winnerTVN24

Holding Russia “in a half-squat”

Kuźniar also talked about the impact the conclusion of this agreement may have on the situation on the American political scene. – I guess that there is certainly quite a large part of parliamentarians in the Republican Party who believe that this is a good agreement from the point of view of American security, from the point of view of the free world, as well as keeping Russia in a half-crouch, – he said.

In this context, he also referred to Friday's ultimatum Vladimir Putin, who set the terms of peace. Putin said that Russia will be ready to start negotiations when Ukrainian troops are completely withdrawn from the so-called Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic and Kherson and Zaporizhia Oblasts. These are regions of Ukraine that Russia announced its annexation after launching a full-scale attack on the country.

Putin set conditions for peace. Strong response from the US and Kiev's reaction

Professor Kuźniar said that this proposal from the Russian president “seems arrogant.” – This is a non-starter at all, it cannot be accepted. Putin thinks that he is leading in this race, that he is winning, that he can dictate the terms. But the elements that were on the table recently when it comes to Russian conditions are no longer there. There is no longer talk about Ukraine not being allowed to join the European Union, there is no longer talk about Russians demanding a change of government (in Ukraine – ed.), there it is limited to only four oblasts and no more , what was the ambition – said the political scientist.

Professor Kuźniar o "keeping Russia in a half-crouch"

Professor Kuźniar on “keeping Russia in a half-crouch”TVN24

Putin is losing his tone

The TVN24 guest also drew attention to the boss's reaction to this statement Pentagon Lloyd Austinwho declared that Russia “has no right to dictate to Ukraine what to do to bring peace.”

– I think that Putin, seeing what is happening, is losing his tone – said Professor Kuźniar.



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