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USA-Ukraine. Joe Biden called on the US Congress to pass an aid package for Ukraine

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US President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass a bill that provides financial assistance to Ukraine. – This support is absolutely necessary at the moment, because Ukraine now has a really difficult time defending itself against the Russian attack, the clock is ticking – he said. – If we do not stop Putin’s appetite for power and control over Ukraine, it will not be limited only to this country – he said.

Joe Biden spoke at the conference about the act on migration solutions, which also provides for financial assistance for Ukraine. – This support is absolutely necessary at this moment because Ukraine is now really struggling to defend itself against a Russian attack. This is a brutal attack, said the president.

– The clock is ticking every week, every month. That means fewer options, less equipment for Ukraine, fewer missiles with which to defend itself against a Russian attack, Biden continued.

– I gathered a coalition of fifty countries and talked on the phone with the leaders of these countries. We are united in FOR THIS. We have increased its numbers (military – ed.). We cannot turn away from this now. This is what Putin is counting on. Supporting this bill is opposing Putin. Opposing (this bill – editor) is like playing on the same team with him, he said.

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Biden: if we do not stop Putin’s appetite, he will not limit himself only to Ukraine

Biden also said that “the stakes are much greater than Ukraine itself.” – If we do not stop Putin’s appetite for power and control over Ukraine, it will not be limited only to this country – he said.

– I call on the Americans, our partners, all those who fight for this, those who sit in Congress. If they do not provide financial support to Ukraine now, History will hold them accountable, because History is keeping an eye on them. Support for Ukraine at this critical moment will never be forgotten, Biden emphasized.

– I call on Congress to vote on this bill so that it reaches my desk as soon as possible – he appealed.

Biden: Republicans’ position can be characterized by a New York Times headline Reuters

Biden: Republicans asked for this exact bill

The bill Biden was talking about is an agreement reached by Democratic and Republican representatives in the Senate on immigration reforms and aid for Ukraine and Israel. He stated that the reforms are the strictest set of changes on the border, allowing it to be temporarily closed and secured. He cited the support for this proposal by the border guards’ union, which is sharply critical of Biden, and the editorial staff of The Wall Street Journal.

The president also suggested that the only reason some Republicans are opposed to the changes is attitude Donald Trump, who wants to use the border crisis for his election campaign. He quoted the headline of The New York Times describing the attitude of Republicans loyal to the former president – “Trump in first place, Putin in second place, America in third place.”

Republicans they asked for this exact project, to take care of the border and provide support for Ukraine, and now that we have it, they say: “it doesn’t matter,” the president explained.

The vote on the bill, which is the result of four months of negotiations between representatives of both parties in the Senate, is scheduled for Wednesday, but it seems certain that the bill will not be forwarded for further proceedings due to the opposition of the overwhelming majority of Republicans.

Republican senator John Thune, who is responsible for party discipline, announced on Tuesday that almost all Republicans would vote against it because, in his opinion, they needed more time.

However, when asked whether Republicans would support a separate package of measures for Ukraine, Ted Cruz and six politicians appearing with him at the conference did not answer directly, claiming that they first need to hear the strategy of action from the Biden administration. House Speaker Mike Johnson suggested the same thing earlier. He maintained his previous position on Tuesday, saying that in its current form the bill would not be considered by the chamber at all because the reforms contained in it would not be enough to secure the southern border. USA.

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