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USA – Ukraine. John Kirby on military aid and the increasing number of Russians on the front

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We are unable to promise Ukraine that our assistance will continue, admitted National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. However, he repeated that President Joe Biden is ready to compromise with Republicans to end the impasse over the support package for Ukraine. He added that Volodymyr Zelensky sees that there are more and more Russians on the front and the United States “wants to give tools” to Ukrainians to defeat the invaders.

“Given the current state of affairs on Capitol Hill, we are unable to make such a promise,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said. He added that this is happening even though it is known that help is needed Ukraine supported by the majority of congressmen of both parties and in both houses.

– There is simply a small number of Republicans who want to hold (aid for Ukraine – ed.) hostage by demanding quite extreme policies on the border, Kirby said, referring to the blocking by Republicans on Wednesday of a bill providing $61 billion in aid-related spending. Ukraine.

National Security Council spokesman John KirbyTing Shen/PAP/EPA

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Republicans want changes in immigration policy

He stressed that although the president does not agree to extreme solutions, he wants to enter into good faith negotiations on changes in immigration policy. However, he refused to “negotiate publicly” or provide details about a possible compromise.

– It’s about compromise. And in compromise, no one gets everything they want. But that’s not what we’re hearing from Republicans in the House. They adopt a “take no prisoners”, all or nothing attitude. Well, that’s just not good faith negotiation, Kirby said.

When asked about possible negotiations to end the war, a White House representative said that the decision on this matter rests solely with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

– Sitting in his place and looking at the front, you can see a lot of Russians there, and their number is increasing as Putin continues to recruit additional forces to bring them into the fight (…), so we want him to be ready to meet that and he could not only defend himself, but go on the offensive. (…) We want to give him the tools to do this, he said.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre added that the reforms sought by House Speaker Mike Johnson would mean deporting children without parents or detaining all migrant families at the border.

Main photo source: Ting Shen/PAP/EPA

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