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USA. Unknown flying object shot down over Alaska. The Pentagon comments

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The US military has shot down an unknown flying object over Alaska, the White House said. Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder admitted that the services do not currently have any details about the target and its origin. He added that no human presence was found in the object and that it was the size of a “small car”.

“I can confirm that the Department of Defense has been tracking an object at high altitude over Alaskan airspace for the last 24 hours. President Biden ordered the military to shoot him down over our territorial waters, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Friday.

As he admitted, it is not yet known what kind of object it was and to whom it belonged. He added that it was much smaller than the Chinese spy balloon shot down last week and did not carry a significant payload.

National Security Council Spokesman John KirbyMICHAEL REYNOLDS/PAP/EPA

The Pentagon: The object shot down was the size of a car

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“We do not currently have any details on the purpose or origin of the object that was shot down over Alaskan airspace on Friday,” a spokesman said on Friday. Pentagon General Pat Ryder.

As Ryder said, the object flying at an altitude of about 12 kilometers above the ground was shot down by an AIM-9X missile fired from an F-22 fighter jet that departed from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska. The object fell into frozen territorial waters in the northeastern part of the state. The troops of the Northern Command were sent to the site of the fall of the object USA.

An F-22 Raptor during a show at Fairford Air Force Base in the UK, 2017Illustrative photoShutterstock

Ryder said the object was first detected on Thursday, after which fighter jets were dispatched to reconnoiter it. The fighter pilot assessed that there was no human on board and there were no signs that he was under control.

Ryder also admitted that he did not know what shape the object was, where it came from or what the purpose of its presence was, but it was known that it was “the size of a small car”.

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