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USA. US aid for Ukraine – the Senate is closer to adopting the package

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The US Senate decided on Sunday to clear the last procedural hurdle before adopting a $95 billion foreign aid package. More than $60 billion is spent on aid to Ukraine. The final vote on the project is scheduled to take place on Wednesday. If adopted, its further fate will be decided by the House of Representatives.

Senate USA during an unusual meeting on Sunday, moved closer to adopting a $95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Kiev can count on approximately USD 60 billion in aid.

The upper house of the US Parliament voted 67 to 27 to remove the last procedural hurdle.

The bill was supported by 18 Republicans in the Senate, even though its assumptions were criticized on social media Donald Trump.

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This money is perceived by Kiev as crucial. However, if the Senate passes the aid package, the bill will be sent to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, where it faces an uncertain future, Reuters adds.


The next Senate meeting is scheduled for Monday after 8 p.m. local time (2 p.m. on Tuesday, Polish time). The final vote in the chamber on the bill is scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

What does the bill contain?

The bill being considered by Congress provides for a total of USD 95 billion. additional budget expenses, of which PLN 60.06 billion are expenses related to assistance to Ukraine. This amount includes almost PLN 20 billion for replacing military equipment transferred to Ukraine in US arsenals, PLN 13.8 billion for the purchase of weapons for Ukraine, and PLN 14.8 billion for military training and intelligence support.

Additionally, the project gives the president the authority to transfer equipment worth USD 8 billion. and USD 1.6 billion. in loans or grants to Ukraine and other countries in the region for the purchase of American weapons. The package also includes a slightly smaller amount of financial aid than the White House contributed – PLN 7.85 billion instead of PLN 11.8 billion – and another PLN 1.5 billion for “help in building an independent Ukrainian economy in the future in priority sectors”, including transport and energy.

The document envisages spending over USD 14 billion. for military support and financing the purchase of weapons for Israel and almost PLN 2 billion to replenish the weapons transferred to Taiwan. PLN 9.15 billion was also planned for humanitarian aid for Palestine, Ukraine and other countries at war, and PLN 481 million for aid to Ukrainian refugees.

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