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USA. Vampire straw in baggage at Boston airport. What is this item?

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A passenger carrying a so-called “vampire straw” in his hand luggage has been detained at Boston Airport, local authorities said. This small and inconspicuous object can be used as a dangerous weapon. What exactly is a “vampire straw”?

An unusual item was found on April 23 at Boston’s Logan Airport hand luggage A 26-year-old who flew in from Chicago. Although the man had previously been allowed on the plane, he was detained upon landing in Boston. An item found in his luggage turned out to be a so-called “vampire straw”, the government’s Transportation Security Agency (TSA) said. The 26-year-old, whose personal details have not been made public, was charged with transporting a dangerous weapon.

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“Vampire straw” – what is it?

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The “vampire straw” is an inconspicuous and quite unrecognizable object. As CNN explains, it is the name given to straws made of metal – usually titanium – with a sharpened, bevelled end at one end. Theoretically, such straws are intended for drinking thick liquids. As explained on its manufacturer’s website, the straw “allows its holder to effortlessly drink all the thick shakes and smoothies.” The photo of the secured metal straw was published by the American services on social media.

“Vampire straw” in the passenger’s hand luggageTSA New England

In practice, however, the “vampire straw” can also be used as a weapon, which is why it was secured in the 26-year-old’s hand luggage. “The strength, length, and dagger-like sharpness make this item a self-defense weapon,” TSA spokesman Daniel Velez told CNN. The possibility of double use of the “vampire straw” is also indicated by its producer himself. “The straw is very hard and long enough to be used like a dagger,” emphasized the American company that sells such straws.

As Daniel Velez notes, in some American states it is allowed to carry “vampire straws” in hand luggage, but in Massachusetts, whose capital is Boston, even carrying them with you is not allowed. CNN explains that people caught moving with these types of items face a fine, and if they were previously charged with other charges – also a sentence of up to five years in prison. Carriage of this type of metal, sharpened objects is also prohibited by airlines, also in Europe.

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CNN, TSA New England, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: TSA New England

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