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USA. Wagons with ammunition from North Korea were to go to Russia. The White House showed the photos

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The United States on Friday released satellite images that allegedly prove that North Korea is supplying Russia with weapons. The photos show Russian railway wagons that were loaded with North Korean ammunition in mid-November and then found their way into the hands of mercenaries from the Wagner Group.

White House Security Council spokesman John Kirby, during a briefing, showed photos from November 18, 2022, which – as he described – are supposed to show five railway cars moving from Russia to North Korea. The spokesman said Pyongyang supplied rockets and missiles to Russia for use by the Wagner ships.

John Kirby at a press conferencePAP/EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

– November 19 North Korea loaded shipping containers into the wagons, and the train returned to Russia, he said. “While we assess that the materials provided to the Wagner Group have not changed the dynamics on the Ukrainian battlefield, we expect the group to continue to receive North Korean weapons systems,” he added.

Russian wagons with ammunition transport from North KoreaReuters

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Kirby announced that United States sent to the experts UN evidence of the Wagner Group receiving missiles from North Korea. This means that North Korea has violated the UN Security Council sanction.

Pyongyang and the Wagnerians deny it

Last month, Washington reported that the Wagner Group had received a shipment of weapons from the regime in Pyongyang, which may indicate the growing position of the Wagnerians in the Pyongyang regime. war in Ukraine.

North Korea’s foreign ministry dismissed the reports as baseless. Pyongyang also condemned the US for supplying arms to Ukraine. The information provided by the Americans was also denied by the head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who described it as “rumors and speculations”.


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